Sexual function is your physical response to a cascade of hormones.

Usually, sexual drive is maintained by an energetic mind in a strong body.

Here are the essentials tips that spice up your sexual health:

Good nutrition for a better sexual health:

Healthy hormone levels, an unblocked blood flow for the pelvic region and better nerve function are the essentials for your sexual performance.Sexual Health

In order to maintain the working of these systems in an order, you should follow a diet that include whole grain products, legumes, complex carbohydrates, various fruits and vegetables, moderate protein levels, and foods containing plenty of minerals and vitamins [Benefits Of Minerals].

Citrus fruits are particularly important as they provide Vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential to strengthen the walls of the blood vessels.

Whole grains, low fat dairy products, green vegetables, enriched cereals provide riboflavin as it helps to sustain the mucous membranes that helps to line the female reproductive organs.

Minimize the consumption of saturated fats for good sexual health:

High intake of saturated fats raises your blood cholesterol levels and increases the atherosclerotic fatty plaques on your blood vessels surrounding the heart. These fats mainly affect the sexual health of men.

Vitamin E and sexual health:

There is no clear clinical evidence for vitamin E and sexual health. But, most of the researchers believe that an improper supply of vitamin E from nuts, margarine, wheat germs, oils, green vegetables and seeds create problems for your sexual health.

Desire to consume zinc:

It is a known fact that zinc is linked to sexual health. Insufficient zinc delays sexual development in your children. You can get zinc by consuming the foods from animals along with sea foods, liver, poultry, meat and milk, eggs, whole grains, nuts and beans.

Limit alcohol and nicotine:

According to the well known quotes of Williams Shakespeare – “alcohol provokes the desire, but deducts the performance”. Increased consumption of alcohol raises behavioral inhibitions, but this therapeutic effect may be lost out by its depressant effect.

The effect of alcohol is same as female hormone called estrogen. On the other hand, nicotine is the enemy for your arteries.

Reduce obesity:

Overweight causes to decrease the functioning of sexual hormones which decrease your sexual health. Remove the foods from your diet which causes you to become obese.

Motivate yourself in every aspect to decrease the weight. Better consult your doctor about any diet plans that make you as a normal weight person.

Along with these essentials, doing regular physical activity, getting enough rest, and having positive attitude help in protecting your sexual health.


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