Even though we find a well developed technology to treat the conditions like infertility, it is out of reach for most of the couples.

For those people, there are less expensive natural approaches to increase fertility. These approaches include the following considerations:

1. Throw away those bad habits:

We all know the fact that smoking is not good for health. Also, there is another reason to kick this bad habit: “reduced fertility”.

Your reproductive system greatly affects with smoking, whether you inhale directly or through second hand smoke. The statements against smoking holds good for everyone who are trying to conceive.Increase Fertility

Effects of smoking on the rate of fertility:

  • According to the researchers, smoking reduces your ability of fertilization by two-thirds.
  • The unsafe product nicotine in cigarettes deposits in the follicular fluid of the ovaries and greatly affects your conception rate.
  • Smoking reduces the number of eggs a woman releases every month.
  • There is a great decrease in the amount of estrogen.
  • Decreases the hormones which are responsible for the production of fertile mucus.
  • Makes your cervix more receptive to sperm.
  • Your reproductive system will be affected with smoking.

2. Free from all those diets:

According to the researchers, women whose hips were larger than their waists were more likely to become pregnant than those women whose waists were wider. This irregular fat distribution is related with a masculizing effect on your body and may cause decreased fertility.

Researchers point out that, women with normal weight have increased fertility than those who have excess fat or much less fat.

When you are under any dieting methods, the hormone called prolactin will decrease and it can lead to reduced levels of estrogen. All these reproductive disturbances can lead to infertility.

Foods that increase fertility are generally high in vitamin E, folate, magnesium, zinc, iron, beta-carotene and essential fatty acids. Include some of these foods in your diet: dark greens, seeds, eggs, organic red meat, carrots, avocados, kiwifruit, raw nuts, cold pressed vegetable oils and berries.

3. Include exercise in your daily routine:

Most of you are in confusion since many years whether or not some forms of exercise can increase fertility or not. But, doing some specific workouts really helps you to increase fertility and to become pregnant.

Some specific yoga postures will increase fertility, while some others do not, as yoga postures stimulate the blood flow to some organs, stimulate ovulation and make your uterus more conductive to conception.

Research found that the couples who are undergoing IVF (In vitro fertilization) treatment and practicing yoga regularly are more likely to experience successful results.

These methods works effective to increase fertility rates. Follow these and observe a great change in your life.


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