Before you think about the yeast infection symptoms, first you should know that yeast is a kind of fungus that can naturally be found in the vaginal area in small numbers.

An infection means that that there are too many cells growing in the genital area.

The truth is that such infections are quite common. The symptoms of yeast infection could get quite bothersome, but they are harmless and in the majority of the cases they are easy to treat.

yeast-infection-symptomsWhat causes the symptoms?

A kind of bacteria maintains the balance of the other bacteria. If something happens to these bacteria, yeast can spread too much and it could cause the yeast infection signs.

In some cases such an imbalance is caused by taking antibiotics. Some other causes include hormone replacement therapy or pregnancy. Certain health issues, like HIV or diabetes could also lead to problems of this kind.

Yeast infection symptoms

Some of the most common symptoms include soreness and itching in the vaginal area. It is also possible to experience a feeling of burning or pain during urination or during sexual intercourse.

Some of the women see a change in the vaginal discharge that becomes clumpy, thick and white without odor, with a look like cottage cheese.

Usually these signs of yeast infection appear a week before the menstrual period of women.

How is the problem diagnosed?

It is quite easy to misdiagnose the problem. If it is the first time that you have the infection or you aren’t certain of the cause of the problem you should see your doctor about it. In case you are pregnant you should also see a doctor. In this case most probably you will have a vaginal exam.

Treatment of the yeast infection symptoms

In case you were affected by the infection before and you know the signs, you could treat yourself. There are different kinds of medications that you can find without prescription and that you can use at home. You could get some antifungal cream or even a suppository that needs to be placed into the vagina.

If the warning signs of yeast infection persist you could also get antifungal tablets that need to be swallowed. In case the symptoms that you experience are mild you could wait for them to clear on their own.

Yeast infection and pregnancy

The mild infection is quite frequent during pregnancy. If pregnant women experience the yeast infection symptoms, it is best not to take any medication before talking to your health care provider about it. In case you opt for some kind of cream or suppository it is best not to use the diaphragm or condom as contraceptive method.

The oil that can be found in some of the medications for yeast infection could interact with the latex, weakening it. This way the birth control method becomes less reliable.

It is important to keep an eye out for the yeast infection symptoms in order to avoid discomfort. It is also best to talk about it with your doctor.