Studies have shown that there is a higher risk of cancer in women who drink as little as one alcoholic beverage on a daily basis, compared to teetotallers.

Women who drink even the least amount of alcohol were at fourteen percent higher risk of liver cancer, oesophagus, throat, rectum or breast cancer ( breast cancer types ).

Cancer epidemiologist, Naomi Allen from the University at Oxford says that there is still an uncertainty in the minimum safe daily dosage of alcohol.

More than 260,000 women were reported to be cancer afflicted in the United States last year. Almost 30,000 cases were later investigated and considered to be linked to alcohol.consumption of alcohol

This study has demonstrated that people consuming wine had no lesser risk than those consuming beer, or cocktails and so forth. It also proved that women who consumed more than four drinks every day suffered from a greater threat of cancer.

Allen however says that since this study was performed on women alone, it cannot be assumed that the same is true for men as well.

However, she still insists that any kind or quantity of consumption of alcohol increases the risk of cancer in both sexes.

Cardiovascular epidemiologist Paul Sorlie and cardiologist Michael Lauer have mentioned that it is crystal clear that there is no safe level of consumption of alcohol from cancer risk standpoint.

He rejects the studies which claim that alcohol in moderation lowers risk of heart ailments on the grounds on insufficient supportive data.