Fish oil, obtained from the tissues of oily fish contain abundance of omega-3 fatty acids, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and some eicosanoids that combine together to give magical health benefits, especially to women. They not only reduce inflammation in the body, but also wades away the possibilities of a host of diseases.

Omega 3 is a type of polyunsaturated fat, which is key to optimal health and the human body needs to get omega-3 from external sources and cannot produce it on its own. To include fish oil in your daily diet, eat lots of cold-water oily fish, like sardines, salmon, mackerel, herring, and anchovies. Fish oil capsules are also highly effective. This article will make you aware of the exclusive advantages women can enjoy by keeping fish oil predominant in their diet –

women should essentially have fish oilEases Menstrual Pain

It has been proved with clinical studies that enough of omega 3 acids in diet can reduce menstrual pain. Abdominal discomfort and cramps is a very common instance in most of the women’s menstrual cycle days. The condition is known as dysmenorrhea and it’s mainly caused by the severe contractions of the uterus associated with pain and inflammation.

Fish oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can effectively soothe this menstrual pain. It also normalises hormonal fluctuations and keeps the mood swings at bay during these days of the month.

Prevents Colorectal Cancer

Women seem to suffer more from colorectal cancer than men and a study done by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, have stated that women who consumed fish thrice weekly are 33 % less prone to develop tissue growth, or polyps in the colon. The possibilities of this cancer increase with age and can turn malignant in no time. Thus, consuming fish oil regularly is essential to gain this cancer-prevention benefit.

Protects Against Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis or loss of bone density is a very common stance in today’s women. Be it lack of nutrition or genetic predisposition, the possibilities of this disease are always high with women. Fish oil with its abundance of omega 3 fatty acids help in increasing the calcium levels and improves the bone density.

With age, when women tend to lose the essential fatty acids, osteoporosis is likely to occur (especially after menopause). Thus, proper intake of fish oil can prevent this disease.

Keeps you Away from Breast Cancer

Many studies have proved it that women whose diet is rich in omega 3 fatty acids are less likely to have breast cancer. Women having a breast cancer family history are recommended to have fish oil supplements to cut down the possibilities of developing breast cancer.

Elevates Mood

Mood swings is again a very common trait of women; there are many causes and the primary one being hormone changes and fluctuations across the various phases of life like puberty, pregnancy, menopause, ageing etc. Fish oil can rule out this trouble as well; enough of fish oil in your diet will be truly effective in fighting depression and other psychological disorders that are caused by hormone changes.

Help in Reducing the Signs of Ageing

Fish oil aids in keeping your skin soft, supple and radiant for longer years. Omega 3 fatty acids also help in dealing with menopause signs, thereby retaining your youthfulness and agility even during the aged years.

The magical effects of fish oil are no more a secret to the world; it aids in digestion, improves bone density, enhances fat burning and also boosts brain power.