For a typical woman, rushed off her feet trying to keep it all together looking after home, career, kids, family and a hundred other things that need doing her own health tends to come rather low down on the list of her own priorities. And as the years go by, women need to take better care of themselves and their health, if not for their own selves, for the sake of others – consider why.


Womens Health Is VitalIt may be a bit of a cliché, but it is the woman and not the man who is responsible for birthing future generations and her health will reflect on the child who will be born of her.

Being overweight, having a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet, and poor habits such as smoking, binge drinking and so on are of course bad for the woman herself – but equally these will cause the kind of health problems that will reflect upon the baby’s health as well.

A woman being overweight may mean possible pregnancy complications, such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, labor and delivery problems, and so on.

Substance abuse by a woman even before she gets pregnant can have such consequences for her health that can impact future pregnancies as well.

Women are more susceptible to certain health problems

Statistics have shown that women are twice as likely to develop depression as men. Also the symptoms of menopause and the discomforts and problems that this life changing event traditionally brings along with it, is something that is a peculiarly female experience.

While it could be argued that men do also undergo andropause or a mid life crisis and so on the fact is that menopause is a very tangible and life changing event in every woman’s life.

For instance we don’t hear of men having night sweats and hot flashes or suffering from increased chances of bone fractures due to developing osteoporosis that occurs as a result of hormonal changes.

Then there are the psychological and sociological issues involved in menopause to consider as well! So the health issues that a typical woman will face in the course of her life a really quite different than men.

Women Show symptoms differently

Statistics show that heart disease goes undetected in women far more often than it does in men. Part of the problem is that women tend not to pay as much attention to their own discomforts; but there is also the problem that the symptoms of heart disease are very different in women, and the traditional chest pain and so on may actually be absent when a woman has a heart attack!

When a woman’s health suffers the whole family is impacted

When it comes to women’s health, an ounce of prevention is certainly worth a pound of cure. When a woman faces any serious health issue, many other things in the family seem to come to grinding halt and then many other things can go wrong.

So there is a special need for women to listen to their bodies, give their health due attention and take care of themselves. Because when a woman’s health suffers, much else suffers besides!