If you are a woman who is low on reproductive hormone in your body then you are low on progesterone.

You may be trying to get pregnant and are not succeeding. This could be due to your low levels of progesterone because progesterone is what gets your uterus ready for an egg to become implanted.

It will also help you to have a healthy pregnancy.  This reproductive hormone will also keep you from ovulating while you are pregnant.low progesterone

This is why the right levels of progesterone in your body can be really important to your ability to get pregnant and remain pregnant. Your progesterone levels should be very high while you are pregnant.

Before and After Menopause

You may have come to the age where you will soon be going through menopause. You might be having anovulatory cycles.

Anovulatory cycles are cycles when your ovaries will not develop any progesterone. These cycles are prevalent before menopause and when menopause finally arrives they will increase. You can expect your progesterone level to drop almost to zero right before menopause starts.

Problems from Low Progesterone

Your body can get a hormonal imbalance when it starts to have anovulatory cycles. When this happens you may see an increase in your having irregular periods.

You may start to have heavy bleeding during your period. Tenderness in your breasts will start to occur which can be very uncomfortable.

With all of these changes going on inside your body you could suffer mood swings and feel really cranky. If you have any of these problems you need to contact your physician as soon as possible.

Low Progesterone and Testing

If you are going through a pregnancy that is considered high risk then your physician may advise testing for the health of your unborn baby.

Another reason to get tested would be if they suspect that you are having an ectopic pregnancy or that you may be having a miscarriage.

Sometimes your physician will give you injections of progesterone to help you to not have a miscarriage and they will want to test to see if your levels are alright.

You may be suffering from abdominal bleeding and your physician will test for low progesterone to find out what kind of problem you are having. Your physician may also order testing to see if you are ovulating normally so that they can understand why you are not able to conceive a baby.

Methods for Testing

There are certain methods that can be used to do testing for low progesterone. Your physician may ask you to make a chart of your fertility cycle. They will request that you have a blood test but only after you have ovulated.

Also if you are having an ovulation period that is less than usual you may need to be tested for low progesterone.

As you can see low progesterone can affect the womanly functions of your body. With the right care from the right physician you should be able to get your low progesterone levels under control.


  1. Hormone imbalance happens when a woman’s ovary stops producing progesterone but women should not worry about these symptoms because the more they worry the worst it gets. A healthy and active lifestyle with lots of exercise and essential vitamins will tremendously help balance the hormones but if symptoms persists you should see your doctor about it because it might be related to other medical condition.

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