This is a common enough problem; and many women want to know what will help them deal with vaginal odor even if they do not have an infection or infestation of any kind.

There are several problems such as a yeast infection, undetected chronic cervicitis, a pelvic inflammatory disease, a sexually transmitted disease or a discharge what may be causing the odor.

These are actually infections or diseases which the smell is a mere symptom of. So, the vaginal odor is actually a warning sign of problems that may be undiagnosed. When the root problem here is dealt with, then the odor will obviously take care of itself.bad smell

Sometimes it may be something as simple as bad hygiene that is causing the odor. Washing daily should be enough but if it does not seem to do the job, then perhaps more frequency may be indicated. Sweat can cause bad vaginal odor too.

Smelly urine is another problem that causes the smell to linger in the vaginal area. In this case one could try and find out what is causing the urine to be smelly; perhaps inadequate amount of water is making the urine concentrated, or the intake of certain food is causing the smell.

So in order to deal with vaginal odor, first identify the cause.