The very fact that Breast Asymmetry Disorder is sometimes called a ‘disorder’ raises concerns about whether this can create health issues for women. However, for the most part, this is a cosmetic problem. Let’s have a look at what Breast Asymmetry Disorder is, its causes and solutions.

Symptoms of Breast Asymmetry Disorder

Most commonly women may notice that one breast is larger than the other; in fact an estimated 7 out of 10 women tend to feel this way. The fullness of one breast may differ from the other as well. In some cases the shape of one breast may differ from the other.

Breast Asymmetry DisorderThere could also be differences in the shape and position of the nipples. The nipples may be at different heights or they aureole may be different or misshapen and disproportionate.

Causes of Breast Asymmetry Disorder

Hormonal changes are most often the cause of the unevenness of size of both breasts. Very often it is during the adolescent years that this sort of unevenness of lack of uniformity in size may be noted. It can be that one breast develops quicker than the other.

Complete breast development can take anywhere between 18 months or 9 years and starts from the approximate age of 10 to 11 years. In a lot of cases this could resolve by the time breast development is complete; in most cases by the time a girl is past her teens. However in some cases the anomaly may persist beyond this time.

Poland’s Syndrome is a birth defect where the chest muscles are absent or underdeveloped and this could be another reason for asymmetrical breasts. This condition is rare however, and men are much more likely to suffer from it than women.

What can be done about Breast Asymmetry Disorder?

In most cases the difference in the breasts may be slight and barely noticeable. The condition may not be at all obvious when clothed and it is likely that only the woman herself may perceive the difference. In such cases nothing needs doing.

However in cases the difference may be more glaring and one breast could be a cup size or two bigger than the other. In such cases women can consider the option of surgery to redress the imbalance in both breasts. Implants in one breast can make it as big as the other. However if a woman feels that the larger breast is too large, breast reduction surgery can be done to make both breasts the same size.