Vagina is very sensitive area of a female’s body. A scratchy or uneasy irritation of the skin in the area of vagina and surroundings is termed as vaginal itching. The itching influences the desire of scratching the affected area. It can be caused by various sort of chemical irritants like the fabric softeners, detergents, creams, ointments, feminine sprays, etc.

what causes vaginal itching

It can also be caused by vaginal yeast infections. Inflammation in the vaginal area, called the vaginities, is common in the girls at the time of puberty. There can be several other reasons that might result in scratching in the vagina. Following steps can be followed to get rid of the same:-

1. Avoiding perfumed toiletries

One should avoid using perfumed toilet papers or the colored toilet papers. Perfumed papers contain alcoholic contents in them that cause further inflammations in the skin. One should also not use bubble bath for cleaning the vaginal areas to prevent itching. Feminine hygiene sprays and douches should also be obstructed.

2. Immediate changing of wet clothes

It is very important to change the wet clothes of a person as soon as possible. Wet clothes especially the bathing suits, undergarments and the exercise clothes should be changed on urgent basis to avoid the growth of vaginal infections. This help in controlling the menace of vaginal itching and inflammation.

3. Keeping your vaginal area clean

It is equally important to keep the vaginal area clean. One should use the intimate area washes and should take proper care to keep it clean. In case of wet clothes one should wipe or wash the vagina from front to back. This should be also done after urinating and having physical intercourse, to avoid itching after the intercourse.

4. Eat yogurt and keep blood sugar under control

Eating yogurt with live cultures on regular basis helps in reducing the amount of vaginal itching. This can be also substituted by consuming Lactobacillus acidophilus tablets. People suffering from diabetes, should maintain and keep a check over the level of blood sugar as it also causes itching in the vagina.

5. Consult a doctor

If all the above given steps doesn’t seem to work than the itching might be caused by various sorts of infections in the vagina. Most of them are a result of sexually transmitted diseases or the STDs. One needs to consult a veteran skin specialist for the same for avoiding severe vaginal skin problems in future. Frequent urination, weight loss and thirstiness along with itchiness hints of serious disease.