Urinary Tract Infection, abbreviated as UTI, is a sort of irritation or swelling in the bladder because of the infection caused by a micro-organism such as bacteria or a virus. UTI is also termed as ‘Cystitis’ or ‘Bladder infection’. Such infection is basically caused by bacteria called the Escherichia coli.

symptoms of a urinary tract infection

However, some of the cases have been caused by some type of virus or fungus. The infection can take place in any part of the body from where the urine passes. The diseases caused by UTI infections can be genetic or can develop with growing level of infection.

Hence, the signs and symptoms of disease should not be ignored and proper suggested treatment should be taken to avoid serious diseases. Following are the symptoms of the UTI:

1. Persistent urge to urinate

People suffering from the disease faces a persistent urge to urinate. The bacteria in the urine cause the urinary tract infection. And because of the infection and irritation in the urine path, the sufferer feels a strong urge to urinate to get rid of that irritation. This is a clear indication of the person suffering from UTI.

2. Burning sensation in the urine passage

When the urine passes through the swollen urinary path of the sufferer, it causes pain and inflammation, which subsequently produces burning sensation. Hence, every time the sufferer urinates, he/she faces a burning feel. This burning sensation depicts the development of the infection. The level of the burn feel in the urine grows with the growth of infection.

3. Red, bright pink or coca colored urine

Urine which is red, bright pink or coca in colored is a clear specify the development and expansion of urine infection in the body parts. One should not delay and immediately consult a doctor for the same.

4. Strong smell in urine

People facing to strong smelling urination should also get themselves checked as in most of the cases it occurs due the fact that the sufferer is affected by Urinary Tract Infection. It is necessary to seek a medical advice as soon as possible.

5. Pelvic pain or rectal pain

Another symptom that clearly indicates the fact that a person is suffering from UTI is the pelvic pain in females and rectal pain in males. Any person feeling such pains should seek required medical help for getting relief of urinating problems and pains.

6. Frequent but small amount of urinating

If you are urinating very frequently but passing smaller amount urine and you are unable to find a reason for the same. This is a time for consulting a veteran and getting oneself checked of the possibility of Urinary Tract Infection.