In case you are asking what are some causes of breast tenderness you should know that this symptom can be caused by both natural hormonal processes and by diseases.

The tenderness could get worse if pressure is applied and there might be some breast swelling as well.

The causes of breast tenderness

What-Are-Some-Causes-of-Breast-TendernessIn the majority of the cases breast tenderness is caused by natural hormones produced during the menstrual cycle. Around the middle of the cycle the estrogen levels peak and because of this the breast ducts will enlarge and the milk glands also grow.

Both of these breast tenderness causes contribute to the tenderness and swelling that some women experience during their menstrual cycles. The hormonal changes can also cause tenderness during the early stages of pregnancy. The tenderness can be caused by breastfeeding, physical changes and lifestyle changes too.

Dietary and pharmaceutical causes

When asking what are some causes of breast tenderness you should know that there are some dietary and pharmaceutical causes as well, such as caffeine intake, medications, dietary changes, use of recreational drugs, and different kinds estrogen products like the birth control pills.

Physical causes

The origins of breast tenderness can also lie in physical changes that go on in your body. These changes include breast ptosis or drooping, early pregnancy, breastfeeding, and premenstrual hormonal changes or other natural hormonal changes. In the majority of the cases these physical changes involve hormone level fluctuations that result in breast tenderness.

Disease causes

The women asking “what are some causes of breast tenderness?” should know that there are some health issues that can arise. Such health issues include benign tumors, breast cancer, breast abscess, mastitis, fibrocystic breast disease and Paget’s disease of the breast. As you can see breast tenderness can be a symptom of serious diseases.

Life threatening causes

The truth about the breast tenderness origins is that it can be the sign of a life threatening condition that should be addressed by a health care professional. For instance you may have an ectopic pregnancy that can lead to breast tenderness. This is a serious problem that could cause you severe complications.

In case you are asking what are some causes of breast tenderness, you should know that breast tenderness is usually normal, but if you have the feeling that there is something wrong, you should better get it checked out by a professional health care provider.