Breast shellsInverted nipples are, as the term suggests, nipples that are inverted or reversed. Nipples will otherwise protrude whereas inverted nipples do not; rather they retract into the breast[breast cancer].

Inverted nipples are fairly common and they occur among 10 to 20 % women. Many women may have one inverted nipple whereas the other one is not.

So are inverted nipples harmful in any way? There is no medical evidence to suggest that inverted nipples are in any way harmful. There may of course be the cosmetic problem for women who see it as an unsightly feature of their anatomy.

Can they be corrected? Sometimes inverted nipples can be ‘coaxed’ out by using the stimulation of ice or by gently rolling them which will help to loosen the bands of connective tissues beneath the nipple that keep them in the inverted position.

Breast shells can also help to pull the nipple out. These work by putting pressure on the surrounding aureole of the nipples and thereby have the nipple protrude. Then, of course there is the option of plastic surgery to correct this situation; however unless there is problem being caused by the inverted nipple, such a surgical intervention may be best avoided.