Majority of the vitamins and minerals are essential for everybody, however there are certain essential vitamins that are specially required by women to cater to their special body needs. Although many women satisfy their nutrient needs through a well balanced diet, some of them need additional vitamins due to deficiency or to cope up with weak immune systems and other health disorders.

Since human body is not able to generate all essential nutrients, usually the requirements of these vitamins have to be catered by external foods and supplements. If you don’t provide the key vitamins to your body, you might be inviting a host of various diseases in the long run.

Given below are some of the essential vitamins required by women:

major vitamins essential for women

Vitamin A

 This beta-carotene antioxidant helps your body by boosting eyesight, immune systems, healthy skin and soft tissue. Guava, cantaloupe, tomatoes, peaches, red peppers, spinach, pumpkins, papaya and carrots are rich sources of vitamin A. In case of a deficiency in this; you can go for supplements but be careful to stick with exact amount of it.

Vitamin E

This essential vitamin also known as tocopherol is required to maintain your body cells fit and thus reduces signs of ageing. However you should not over consume it as this may increase chances of bleeding. Hazel nuts, corn oil, margarine, code-liver oil, peanut butter, wheat germ and sunflower seeds are rich sources of vitamin E.

Vitamin C

Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is significant to your body as it helps your body to generate red blood cells. Is also an aid to enhance levels of noradrenaline, a brain chemical, which helps you develop concentration and alertness. Vitamin C is found in foods like oranges, broccoli, peppers, kiwi, grapefruit, tomatoes, strawberries and potatoes.

B Vitamins

The essential eight B vitamins help your body with a sharp mind, proper muscle tone and enhanced metabolism. B6 or pyridoxine aids to balance your metabolism and maintain your brain alert. B12 also helps your body to generate red blood cells along with improved metabolism. Yogurt, fish, cheese, eggs, meat and mils are rich sources of this vitamin.

Folic Acid

This vitamin is essential for an active spinal cord and a healthy brain along with generating the cell building blocks DNA and RNA. Folic acid is particularly essential for pregnant as it helps to prevent many birth defects in infants. Fortified grains, leafy greens, citrus fruits, legumes, melons, liver, eggs and many such foods are sources of folic acid.

Vitamin D

This essential vitamin helps your body by moving phosphorous and calcium, which are needed for healthy bones into your bloodstream. The shortage of this key vitamin can cause calcium deficiency which makes your bones weak and thin. The best way to get vitamin D is to get exposed to sunlight daily for some time.


Since women have a tendency of reducing their bone density starting from as early as twenty years, taking enough calcium is the only defence against it. It also nourishes your nervous system and is mainly available through milk and milk products.


A deficiency of iron can cause anaemia and a fragile immune system, which may invite various diseases. It is even more essential for women with heavy periods.

Vitamin K

This important vitamin plays a major role in maintaining strong bones and aids blood clot in aged people. Soybean oil, cooked spinach, broccoli and fish oil are some rich sources of this vitamin.


This vitamin is significant in preventing deficiencies during and after pregnancy in women. It helps to improve your bones and nails conditions as well as to treat diabetics and skin rashes.