The vulva is known to be one of the most sensitive body parts, and even in this case you could experience some pain or discomfort. This is known as vestibulodynia.

The sensation could differ from one woman to the other and it includes burning, itching and inflammation.

The condition called vestibulodynia affects especially the inner lips, close to the vagina. This is the place where the gland is found that produces the vaginal fluids and also the urethra that helps you pass urine.

There are also the other glands that produce the vaginal discharge.

Causes of the condition called vestibulodynia

VestibulodyniaThe condition usually appears when there are too many nerve fibers around the vulva, or in case these fibers are too sensitive.

Usually those women get affected by the condition who have other pain problems as well. The condition is made even worse by yeast infections, like thrush.

Injuries of the vulva also worsen the condition like those suffered during a surgery or childbirth. In some cases the detergents that you use or the panty liners that you have irritate the vulva.

Although the symptoms could appear gradually, in an almost undetectable manner, they could be triggered by a major event like childbirth, sexual trauma or even moving underwear pressure.

You should know that the condition is more than real, even though often the patients think that the pain they are experiencing is due to psychological reasons.

In case you take a look at the possible reasons, it might be easier to make the pain disappear, or it could help you handle the discomfort that you are experiencing.

Diagnosis of vestibulodynia

In case you go to a doctor having a vulval tenderness, then or she will try to rule out vulval conditions or infections. Then you may have to see a specialist like a dermatologist or a gynecologist. Then most probably you will have some pressure applied on the region to find the exact source.

In some cases the affected areas could be red, but in other cases there could be no visible signs at all. This is why vestibulodynia is often mistaken for thrush.

This is ruled out later by having a swab. The skin infections could have the same symptoms, but if this is the case, there should be no change when you get treated.

Treatment of vestibulodynia

The truth is that different doctors could be using different treatment methods. Some of the doctors opt to use vaginal dilators that are inserted into the vagina to relax the muscles. Others in case of the condition called vestibulodynia use an anesthetic gel like lidocaine that makes the nerves become numb before having sexual intercourse.

Another treatment method for the condition is physiotherapy for the pelvic floor muscle that is also meant to relax the region. In case you are afraid that you will experience pain, you might get spasms and so the pain that you experience will be even worse as vestibulodynia can turn into vaginismus.