In case you are suffering from vaginal pain you shouldn’t think that you are the only one. In fact this is the most common complaint among women.

Although it is such a common problem, in many cases women ignore the symptoms that they have and they leave the condition untreated, even though there are numerous methods to deal with the pain.

Where does the pain in the vagina start?

You might have guessed that this is problem specific for women. Although there are numerous different kinds of reasons for this problem, their majority is easy to treat and they aren’t alarming. In the majority of the cases the vaginal pain is dull, persistent and achy.

Vaginal PainYou could feel like you vagina is bruised, sore or tender. It is possible for the pain to be sharp, but that rarely happens. Also you should know that the pain is localized and it doesn’t spread to the surrounding area.

Dealing with pain in the vagina

In our days doctors are especially concerned about pain in the genital area, because it could indicate a more serious problem or even abuse.

Nonetheless not all the causes are related to these. There are some steps that women should take in order to make their situation better.

First of all, you should make sure that you see a doctor on a regular basis. This way you can be sure that you don’t have any health conditions.

In case you know that you are in good health, you can be sure that in case you experience vaginal pain, it is caused by something minor. Also in case there is something wrong, for sure your doctor won’t miss it.

It is also important to be honest. If there is some pain that you experience, you should tell your doctor about it. In case you experience the pain during sexual intercourse, you should tell your partner, so that he would be more careful the next time.

Treating pain in the vagina

It’s not actually the pain that needs to be treated, but its cause. Although you could take some pain killers to make the pain go away, you may feel better, you can be sure that the causing problem didn’t go away.

Yeast infection treatments

In case the vaginal pain is accompanied by an itching and burning feeling you should be considering yeast infection treatments. If you have never had a problem of this kind before, you may want to consult your doctor, just to be sure of the diagnosis.

Sexual positions

It is possible that you experience the pain in the vagina during sexual intercourse. In this case you should consider trying different sexual positions to see which one works the best. Also you might think about using lubricants so there will be less pressure on the vagina. If none of these helps, it may be time to see your doctor.

Talk to a doctor

When you go to see your doctor about the vaginal pain that you experience you should ask some questions specific to the discomfort that you are feeling.

For sure he or she would be able to suggest you different treatment methods to decrease the pain and to make your quality of life better.

Menopause problems

If you are going through menopause it is almost normal to experience some pain in the genital area, but still you should mention this to your doctor and ask for his or her opinion.

Holistic approach

In many cases it is not enough to use the holistic approach when dealing with pain in the vagina. It is best to combine these methods with the other treatment options to achieve better results.


When dealing with this kind of pain it may be a very good idea to have some exercise on a daily basis. Although you may think that the exercise will only make the pain worse, you can be sure that after the routine you will feel a lot better.

Hot bath

We all know that when dealing with vaginal pain women don’t really want to move from the bed, but having a hot bath can only do good for you. In order to help with healing, you should also add some herbs to the bathwater. This way you can decrease the pain that you are feeling. Another thing you could do is to place a hot pad on your lower abdomen.


Make sure that you aren’t stressed in this period because it could make the vaginal pain worse.