About 50% of the women belonging to the age group of 40-59 experience vaginal dryness at one point. Even more, the problem is among the ten most common problems that menopausal women have to face. It is also common among peri-menopausal women.

Relieving the dryness of the vagina

There are numerous natural treatment options. In case you would like to use them, keep in mind that they need time to work, so be patient. The results that you could achieve are worth the waiting time.

Vaginal DrynessIncrease water intake

In order to make the dryness of the vagina better, you should take a look at your hydration. People should drink ten glasses of water per day.

Although you may think that this method is too simple, you may be surprised by the results that you can achieve.

The chemicals of the environment

To treat the vaginal dryness you may want to take a look at the ingredients of the personal, laundry or bathing products.

Some of the perfumes and chemicals that are to be found in these products irritate the delicate tissues that the vagina is lined with.

Hormone-balancing nutrition

When thinking about the dryness of the vagina you should consider the hormones that the body is producing. The easiest changes that you could make include your nutrition. In case you have a high carb and low fat diet, you make it impossible for the body to produce the needed sex hormones.

As an example you should know that the estrogen that helps lubricate the vagina comes from cholesterol. This cannot be found in the low fat nutrition. You could also add some flax seed and soy to your diet because they are rich in phytoestrogens.

Nutritional supplements

To take care of the vaginal dryness, you could fill the gaps of your nutrition with high quality nutritional supplements. It is possible that you have a diet high in nutrients and minerals, but it is still possible to have some gaps. These supplements make sure that you will fill them.

Personal lubricant

Some of the women take care fast and effectively of dryness of vagina by using a personal lubricant. This is something that you could try while you are waiting for the effects of the other measures that you took.

There are numerous different kinds of products that can be used in case of this sensitive area of the body. Those that come with vitamin E work out perfectly for women.


This is something that the specialists suggest in case of vaginal dryness. Such products have been created to take care of the effects of hormonal imbalances. Another thing you could do is to ask your health care provider about the products he or she would suggest.

Causes of dryness of the vagina

Low estrogen levels

One of the most common causes of this problem is a low level of the estrogen hormone. As a result of the lack of the hormone the wall of the vagina becomes thinner and dry. Some other factors include little muscle tone and a longer period of time that women require to achieve sexual arousal which is common in case of peri-menopausal women along with vaginal dryness.

Medical conditions

Although it is known that a low estrogen level is the most common cause of the dryness of the vagina, it is still needed to check for other conditions that could cause the problem. It could be the side effect of different conditions, like Sjogren’s disease.

In case the symptoms that you experience, such as vaginal dryness last for a long time and they are severe, you should seek medical help. The same is true in case the symptoms are unresponsive to the different treatments.

Emotional problems

In case you are under a lot of stress or you are depressed you may suffer from dryness of the vagina. In this case it may be helpful to seek counseling. Experiencing dryness could be a sign that there are some unsolved problems in your relationship.

In this case the best thing you could do to make the vaginal dryness better is to communicate with your partner more efficiently and to try to find solutions for the problem together.