Having some vaginal discharge is something normal, but in case it has an unusual odor, there might be more to it. The vaginal discharge odor could be indicating a bacterial infection if it is a foul smell or a fishy odor. If you treat the underlying condition, you can get rid of the smell as well.

Remedies and treatments for vaginal discharge bad smell

In case you are affected by bacterial vaginosis, then you should be treated with antibiotics, while the yeast infections are taken care of with medications that are taken orally or are placed in the vagina. In case you are sure that there is no infection, there are some other methods that you could try.



These methods for changing the vaginal discharge smell include changes regarding your diet. One of the things that you could try is to have more plain yogurt that is a great source for healthy bacteria which are important to maintain the natural pH of the vagina.

This is a way to keep the vaginal discharge odor under control. You could eat the yogurt, but in order to reduce irritation and inflammation, you could also apply it directly on the affected area.


Although it may seem strange, you should know that garlic comes with agents that can fight fungal infections and it has numerous health advantages. In order to change the vaginal discharge smell you could eat more garlic through adding it to food, or you could get pills or drops from stores or pharmacies.


In order to prevent and treat vaginal discharge odor, you should be having a diet rich in fiber. This is because it can help the body get rid of toxins through absorbing them and eliminating them through the bowels.

Foods to avoid

If you would like to make sure that you get rid of vaginal discharge smell, then there are some kinds of foods that you should make sure to avoid. These include sugars, aged cheese, gluteus grains, and yeast. All of them promote the spreading of bacteria and they could cause a strange odor.

Symptoms indicating a problem involving vaginal discharge odor

There are some symptoms that could indicate a bacterial infection in the vaginal area. These include an increase of the vaginal discharge that is superior to the normal amount. The color of the discharge could also change, getting a gray, white or yellowish color.

Regarding the vaginal discharge smell, you could have a cottage cheese like vaginal discharge that comes with a fishy odor. Along with these symptoms you could experience irritation, itch or burning sensation in the vagina. In more serious cases the discharge could be bloody and you may not have your normal menstrual period.

All these changes occur because the healthy pH balance of the vagina changes. There are a lot of causes that may lead to vaginal discharge odor, and the best thing you could do is to try to rule them out one by one, just to be sure.