The truth about vaginal cancer is that it is a relatively rare kind of cancer that forms in the tissue of the vagina. Nonetheless there are a lot of women who are interested in the vaginal cancer symptoms.

We have to note that in the majority of the cases there aren’t many noticeable symptoms.

The symptoms of vaginal cancer

As the condition progresses the symptoms appear as well, but this aren’t exclusive in case of this condition. They could also be the symptoms of other, less serious conditions.

Vaginal Cancer SymptomsOn a yearly basis there are about 2,000 affected by the symptoms of vaginal cancer in the country. Since it is a rare condition, it is difficult to diagnose.

Diagnosis delays are common and there are only a few women who experience symptoms before being diagnosed with the condition.

Abnormal vaginal bleeding as one of the vaginal cancer symptoms

These kinds of bleedings refer to the ones experienced after intercourse or in case of women who have gone through menopause.

This is considered to be the most common symptom and usually this is the first to experience. Nonetheless these are vague symptoms and they can be experienced in case of other conditions as well.

Vaginal discharge

This could be one of the symptoms of vaginal cancer as well. Still this is a common symptom and usually it isn’t alarming.

A discharge with or without blood and a foul odor could be one of the vaginal cancer symptoms. Nonetheless you shouldn’t worry because it is very rare and most probably the discharge is caused by something less worrisome.

Urination changes

In case you are faced with frequent urination you should find its cause, because it might be one of the symptoms of vaginal cancer. The change could be connected to the fluid intake, having more caffeine, having contracted a urinary tract infection, but there are some more serious causes as well.

The changes could also refer to having blood in the urine and experiencing pain during urination. Although the blood isn’t always visible, a lot of women detect it and it could be one of the vaginal cancer symptoms.

Pain in the pelvic area

Pain is one of the symptoms of vaginal cancer in case the condition progresses and spreads to other tissues as well. Usually it can be felt under the navel and it could be constant on intermittent. Usually we are referring to a dull ache that could become sharp sometimes.

Vaginal mass

This one of the symptoms can be felt by you or by your health care provider during a physical exam. Vaginal masses can have various causes such as the vaginal cysts. In order to learn whether the mass is cancerous or not there might be need for a biopsy.

Bowel movements

In case there are some changes in the bowel movements, this could be one of the vaginal cancer symptoms as well. As the condition progresses you may experience constipation, tarry stools or feeling like the bowels aren’t emptied.