Before moving on to the uterine polyps symptoms we should first discuss what the condition refers to.

The uterine polyp is a growth in the uterus that is connected to the inner wall of the organ and it can be found in the uterine cavity. The cells’ overgrowth in the uterus’ lining causes the formation of polyps.

Symptoms of uterine polyps

Regarding this condition you should know that it is possible for someone to be affected by the polyp and not to show any signs of it. Still if there are some signs they include irregular periods, such as heavy bleeding and frequent periods that are unpredictable.

uterine-polyps-symptomsSome other symptoms of uterine polyps include spotting between the periods, heavy bleeding during the periods, infertility or abnormal bleeding after menopause.

It is possible to have polyps before or after the menopausal period. Usually the postmenopausal women experience only vaginal spotting or bleeding.

Seeing a doctor

There are some uterine polyps symptoms that may turn out to be quite alarming.

You should make sure to seek the help of a doctor in case you experience abnormal bleeding after menopause, spotting between the periods or irregularities regarding your menstrual cycle.

Causes of uterine polyps symptoms

At the moment the specialists aren’t certain regarding the causing factors of the condition, but it is known that there are some hormonal factors that have a word to say.

Remember that these polyps are sensitive regarding estrogen. This means that they are influenced by the hormone just as the lining of the uterus does.

Risk factors

It is more likely to experience the uterine polyps symptoms in case you are facing obesity, you are having tamoxifen treatment as a part of breast cancer therapy or you are affected by hypertension, or high blood pressure.


At this moment it is still debated whether the symptoms of uterine polyps lead to infertility or not. Nonetheless in case you had uterine polyps and you were affected by infertility, it is possible that the problem would be taken care of through the removal of the polyp.

According to a study regarding uterine polyps symptoms, the women affected by infertility who got the polyps removed had higher rates of pregnancy after IUI than the women who just got IUI and didn’t have the polyps removed. In this case the rate has been of 28% versus 63%.

Another kind of complication that symptoms of uterine polyps have been linked to is a higher number of miscarriages in case of women who have been suffering from them and who underwent IVF. If you are going to have the procedure and you have a polyp, your doctor might suggest the removal of it before the embryo is transferred.


When faced with uterine polyps symptoms most probably you will have the first meeting with a gynecologist or your primary health care provider. Most probably you will have a brief meeting, and you should take notes on all the things that you would like to discuss.