Endometrial cancer is also known as uterine cancer and it is the most common gynecological cancer in the U. S. This is why there are so many women looking for the symptoms of endometrial cancer.

The cancer originates from the abnormal cells of the lining that can be found in the uterus.

Endometrial cancer

Before talking about the signs of endometrial cancer we should discuss the condition itself. In the majority of the cases it occurs after the onset of menopause, but it is also possible to be affected by it before menopause. It is known that the uterus is made of two major structures.

Symptoms of Endometrial CancerThere is the myometrium that is the muscle of the womb, and the endometrium, that is the lining of the uterus where the fertilized egg gets implanted and the fetus grows.

Risk factors

Regarding the signs of endometrial cancer it is also to know about the risk factors of the condition. As an example there is endometrial hyperplasia. This means that there are too many cells in the endometrium. Age is another risk factor, because the condition usually occurs in case of women over 50.

Excess estrogen also has a word to say, so hormone therapy could cause the condition. Obesity is another risk factor, because estrogen is produced by the fat cells. It is also known that Caucasian women experience more often the symptoms of endometrial cancer.

The signs of endometrial cancer

The most well-known symptoms of the condition include pain in the pelvic area and abnormal vaginal bleeding. There are some other causes of these symptoms as well, but that is no reason to ignore them. Keep in mind that any kind of bleeding after menopause is considered to be abnormal.

As one of the symptoms of endometrial cancer the bleeding could be watery, with little blood. As the condition progresses, there will be more and more blood. Besides bleeding after menopause you should also think about heavy periods.

Irregular periods, bleeding between the periods or frequent periods could also be considered signs of endometrial cancer.

In case you experience pain in the pelvic area or pain during intercourse could also be a warning sign of the condition.


This is also one of the symptoms of endometrial cancer. Actually anemia is caused by the heavy bleeding since blood is constantly oozing from the uterus. The symptoms of anemia include lightheadedness, weakness, shortness of breath, pale appearance and fatigue.

Weight loss

Just as in the case of other conditions, weight loss is one of the signs of endometrial cancer. Although this is an outlook that scares the majority of women, you should know that in case the condition is diagnosed at an early stage, it is curable.

Make sure that you keep an eye out for the symptoms of endometrial cancer because if you see the symptoms and you take action, the chance of getting cured are very high. Make sure that you tell your doctor about the symptoms that you experience.