Uterine cancer is also referred with the term endometrial cancer. It is usually discovered in a woman who possesses the symptoms of an endometrial biopsy. The cancer can be determined by conducting various sorts of tests such as the ultrasound and CT scan.

uterine cancer

One can also discover the symptoms of this type of cancer in lymph and nodes of the tissues that are situated at the outer part of the uterus. In many cases and advance stages the cancer becomes impossible to be identified with tests. In such cases a surgical procedure is carried out that leads to the removal of uterus fully. Veterans have categorized this type of cancer in various stages. The distribution along with their treatments is given below:

1. Stage I: The cancer is said to be at stage one if the growth of cancer is only limited to the body of the uterus and had not yet reached the nodes or distant regions in the uterus. The standard treatment for this stage includes a surgery that includes the removal of cancer, which is further tested under the microscope in lab to determine the reason of its spread. Subsequently, the reason and the treatment are determined and followed.

a) Stage IA– It is the stage in which the cancer has developed in the region less than the halfway into the myometrium. Radiation surgery is recommended for removal of this kind of cancer.

b) Stage IB– The stage is referred to the situation where the cancer has grown more than halfway through the myometrium. This treatment also includes surgery and the patient is watched without treatment before giving any sort of radiation.

2. Stage II: At stage II, the cancer gets spread to the connective tissue of the cervix but had not reached the outer area of the uterus. One of the treatments is undergoing a surgery which is followed by a therapy of radiation. The second option is going through the radiation therapy first and then undergoing a hysterectomy BSO and LND or lymph sampling.

3. Stage III: refers to the stage of the disease when it has spread outside the uterus.

a) Stage IIIA: The cancer is said to be in IIIA stage when it has spread tissue covering uterus or the other tissues in the pelvis like the fallopian tube or ovaries. The treatment for the same after surgery includes chemotherapy or radiation or the combination of both.

b) Stage IIIB: In this stage the cancer has reached the vagina. After the surgery it can also be treated either with radiations or chemotherapy.

c) Stage IIIC: At this stage, the cancer that have spread to lymph nodes in the pelvis and had spread to lymph around the arota. The treatment for this stage is same as the previous one.