Uterine cancer is known as the most common kind of cancer of the feminine reproductive organs, and this is why there are so many women wondering about the signs of uterine cancer.

Generally speaking, this is the fourth most common type of cancer in case of women.

Symptoms of uterine cancer

The most common symptoms of the condition are considered to be abnormal vaginal bleeding. At the beginning you may see that it is watery, but gradually it will contain more and more blood. Keep in mind that after menopause every kind of vaginal bleeding is considered to be abnormal.

Signs of Uterine CancerBesides abnormal vaginal bleeding, other common symptoms of uterine cancer include vaginal discharge and spotting. Another thing that you have to keep an eye out for is pain or difficulty when emptying the bladder. It is also alarming to experience pain during sexual intercourse.

Just as any kind of pain, pain in the pelvic area could also be alarming, and this is one of the signs of uterine cancer.

You might have seen that these symptoms are quite general, and so, while they could indicate cancer, they could also be a sign of other medical conditions.

In case you experience any of these symptoms of uterine cancer you should tell about them to your doctor so that he or she would make some tests, and in case there really is a problem, it could be found and treated at an early stage.


If you have signs of uterine cancer, most probably your doctor will try to find the cause of the problem. Most probably you will have a physical exam, along with a blood test, but there are also some other tests that your doctor will suggest for you.

Pelvic exam

If you experience symptoms of uterine cancer, your doctor could physically check your uterus to find any lumps or changes regarding the shape and size of the vagina, uterus and the surrounding tissues.


When being faced with the signs of uterine cancer, you could have an ultrasound that uses sound waves. They create a pattern as they bounce off of the organs in the pelvic area. This way it is able to create a picture of the uterus and the tissues around it. It makes it possible for your doctor to find tumors. To be able to have a better look at the uterus it is also possible that you will have a device inserted into your vagina.


If you tell your doctor about the symptoms of uterine cancer that you experience, he or she might suggest for you to have a biopsy. During this procedure there will be a sample of tissue removed through suction and scraping done with the help of a tube inserted into your vagina.

To find the source of the signs of uterine cancer, a specialist will take a look at the biopsy samples that have been gathered to see whether there are any cancer cells. Usually this is the only way to know if you have cancer.