Before thinking about the signs of colon cancer, you should know that the condition refers to the cancer of the large intestines.

Usually it begins as a polyp somewhere in the colon and then the cancer starts to develop.

At the early stages there are no symptoms, and when you do see the symptoms, it may be too late.

Rectal bleeding as one of the colon cancer signs

signs-of-colon-cancer-in-womenThis could be one of the most important symptoms that people see especially during the early stages. The truth is that there are some other health issues as well that could cause the same symptoms. However it is common for women to see some bleeding in this case.

In this case, it is one of the symptoms of colon cancer to see blood in the stool. In the same time you should also think about the fact that rectal bleeding also refers to other situations, not only to the times when you have bowel movements.

Change of the bowel movements

Such a change is also one of the signs of colon cancer. Just as in case of rectal bleeding, this symptom can also be mistaken for other kinds of health conditions. The women affected by the problem might experience diarrhea or constipation. It is also possible for them to see a change of the consistency of their bowel movements.

In this case the colon cancer symptoms include the fact that the bowel movements are thinner than usual. However such changes shouldn’t alarm you. It is important to notice the length for which you see the symptom. If you have cancer, you would notice the same symptom for more than two weeks.

Digestive issues

Besides change in the bowel movements and rectal bleeding there are some other signs of colon cancer as well that are connected to the digestive system. In some cases women experience nausea and vomiting. In other cases they could feel an urge ‘to go’ even though they just had bowel movements.

Often women also see as warning signs of colon cancer gas and bloating. This is caused by the blockage that is created by the tumor. It is also possible to be affected by cramping, but you shouldn’t mistake this for pain. Such cramps could also appear during the bathroom visits.

Weight loss

This is one of the most obvious signs of colon cancer. In fact, weight loss is an indication of any kind of cancer. Naturally there should be no other reason to see weight loss. This symptom is caused by the tumor. As this grows it needs more and more energy and so you will be burning more and more calories.


If a person suffers from this type of cancer, she will undoubtedly see as one of the colon cancer warning signs some degree of fatigue. This is partly because of all the calories that women are burning.

As you can see there are many different signs of colon cancer and you just have to listen to your body to notice them.