When considering causes of bladder cancer in women you should know that the specialists aren’t really sure of what causes it.

Nonetheless there are some carcinogens known that increase the chances of women getting affected.

Presently there is more research conducted regarding the alteration of the cells’ genetic structure.


causes-of-bladder-cancer-in-womenThis is known as the most important risk factor when it comes to bladder cancer.

According to the specialists the women who smoke or use other tobacco products have twice the chances of developing cancer than their nonsmoking counterparts.

This could make you reconsider whether you want to smoke your next cigarette.

Chemical exposure

The women’s bladder cancer causes also include different kinds of chemicals. If you work with these chemicals or you work in given industry you could have higher chances of being affected than the rest of women.

Organic chemicals are connected to bladder cancer, such as aromatic amines. Such chemicals are used in the dye industry.

There are some other industries too that can be linked to the causes of bladder cancer in women and these include leather and rubber processing, paints, hair coloring, and also printing. Still the protections taken at your workplace can prevent you from being affected from most of the exposure.


You are what you eat, so this could also turn into the source of bladder cancer in women.

Those who eat large amounts of animal fats and fried meat are said to be at higher risks when it comes to bladder cancer. However the connection isn’t clear yet so there is further research done in the field.

Aristolochia fangchi

This is a herb that is used in different kinds of dietary supplements and it could become one of the causes of bladder cancer in women. It is mostly used in Chinese medicine. Some women took the supplement to achieve weight loss, but instead they ended up with having higher chances of cancer.

Besides being one of the possible women’s bladder cancer sources, the women taking the supplements also had higher chances of kidney failure. According to the researches, the herb increases the chances of cancer in case of rats also.

As you can see there are some causes of bladder cancer in women that we can directly influence. However there are some others that we can’t do anything about, such as age. It is known that older people have higher chances of being affected by cancer.

Although sex can also be considered a bladder cancer source in women, we have to note that men are three times more likely to be affected by the condition. Race also has a word to say in the development of the condition, since Caucasian women are more likely to be affected. In the same time if you have a family history of bladder cancer, you are at higher risks of developing it.

As you can see there are various causes of bladder cancer in women and we can control some of them.
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