When it comes to getting a breast enlargement through surgery, there are a number of different types of breast implants to choose from.

Each one of these will offer its own pros and cons and should be considered carefully.

This is something that your plastic surgeon should talk to you about and he should be willing to answer all questions – if not, then you need to speak to another surgeon.

Choosing different types of breast implants

You need to be able to make an informed choice when it comes to breast implants. After all, these are implants that you are going to have for some time and you need to be happy that they will give your breasts the shape that you want. The type of implant that you choose will also depend on the size that you want, which is something else that you need to take into consideration.

Types of Breast ImplantsSaline implants

These are the most commonly used implants for breast surgery in the USA. There are different types of surfaces for the types of breast implants and they will also offer different thickness and shape. Something that saline implants also offer is the ability to be expandable, so you can easily change your size at a later date.

Most of the time, the implants will be filled during the surgery, which will help you to determine your cup size and shape, instead of the plastic surgeon limiting you. However, there are some surgeons who will choose to use prefilled implants to help with saving time. The prefilled implants are not approved by the FDA, whereas the unfilled ones are.

Round implants

These implants are round and that is the only shape that they come in. This does offer the benefit that no matter which way they turn, they will always be the same shape. These are commonly some of the least expensive options when it comes to looking at different types of breast implants.

There has been a lot of fake news about the round implants. Many claim that they look fake but this is not always the case. The difference is that the round implants look more symmetrical, which is not something that most breasts are. This also depends on your own anatomy, which can change the way that the implant looks once the breasts have healed from surgery.

Anatomical implants

Some types of breast implants were designed for the purpose of reconstruction, and this is something that anatomical implants were originally used for. However, over time, they have become useful for breast enlargement surgeries. The idea is that they offer a more natural look but this is also down to anatomy.

The implant looks oval from the front, instead of round. From the side, there appears to be more at the bottom than the top, which is something that natural breasts appear to have. The downside to these implants is that they can turn accidentally. This leads to a problem with the shape of the breast and often makes them look uneven and unnatural.

It is recommended that women receive an expert opinion from a doctor before having any implants or plastic surgery. Baker’s Plastic Surgery is an excellent resource for women who wish to receive certified medical advice on the matter. Choosing to undergo surgery of any kind is a major decision, so do not take this aspect of the process lightly. One can easily set up an appointment regarding reconstructive or plastic surgery via the web, meaning that there is no excuse not to at least go over the best possible options beforehand.