There are several acts and omissions that we women are guilty of on a daily basis that threatens our own health; very often without us even knowing about it. Consider if you as well make the following blunders that could threaten your health –

1. Do you indulge in emotional eating?

So many women do. When they are bored; paradoxically when they are stressed with too much work to do, when they are upset, when they are sad and so on, women tend to reach for the unhealthy and the fattening stuff. Salty, sweet, fatty, stuff that will fill the stomach but does nothing to address the underlying problem.

Womens Health2. Do you wear the wrong size bra?

It may seem to be a matter of only cosmetic concern, but a poor fitting bra can cause neck and shoulder pain, impede proper circulation, cause postural problems and skin irritation.

The fact that a badly fitting bra looks bad beneath your clothes and offers inefficient support is just another additional problem.

3. Do you carry a heavy bag?

So you have every imaginable emergency item under the sun in your bag but by lugging on your shoulders, pretty much everything except the kitchen sink can be problematic.

A heavy bag can cause aches and pains, result in a poor or lopsided posture and so on.

4. Do you drink men under the table?

It is a sad fact of life that alcohol affects women more negatively than it does men, so there is really no point in matching your man drink for drink. Binge drinking can have more disastrous impacts for a woman than they do for men.

5. Do you stress, stress, stress?

Women take it upon themselves to worry about the entire family – the children’s health, their academics, making sure that the family eats reasonably healthy most of the time, making sure that the home is ship shape but at the same time ensuring that things at work don’t slide either… women worry about a lot. For this as well as other reasons, women are twice as likely to suffer from depression as men.

6. Do you never have time for yourself?

It is a common problem with all that has to get done, we find that there is not time even for that half hour of exercise each day. It could be that in the hurly burly of each day, a woman may not get enough sleep with the result that stress, putting on weight and other problems arise.


  1. Many factors can effect overall health that often aren’t even thought about. Women need to pay careful attention to their body in order to determine if something is off. Sometimes all it takes to feel better is a simple adjustment to your lifestyle.

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