Regular tobacco use is common not just among men but also among women all over the world and is the leading causes of premature deaths among adults in most countries.  Women who smoke cigarettes are exposed to a wide form of health problems and reproductive issues as compared to those who don’t.

Besides cigarettes, all other forms of tobacco such as smokeless tobacco products too are very common and can lead to a number of life threatening conditions.  Tobacco use is threatening in a number of ways but still continues to be a widespread phenomenon all across the world.  It especially affects females in a number of ways. Tobacco has many negative effects on females and the following are the main ones:

most negative effects of tobacco on women

  • As compared to nonsmokers, women who smoke tobacco are at a much greater risk of reproductive health problems and this is one of the most negative effects associated with this deadly thing. Tobacco has a negative effect on the fertility and the fetal development.
  • Another negative effect of tobacco on women is that it can lead to many forms of cancer including gynecologic cancer, lung cancer and others. Infact, approximately 90% of all the cases of lung cancer are caused either due to smoking or due to exposure of smoke.
  • Tobacco is considered to be the single greatest risk factor for cardiovascular diseases and is the leading cause of death among females in US.
  • Another negative effect of tobacco is that it leads to six times more the risk of myocardial infarction when compared to the nonsmoking women.
  • Tobacco use in females also causes platelet aggregation as well as endothelial damage which can lead to thrombosis.
  • Tobacco consumption or smoking among women can also cause a number of vascular and coronary diseases and this is yet another negative after effect of this deadly item.
  • Smoking of cigarettes has also been proved to be a risk factor as far as the development of mucinous epithelial ovarian cancer.
  • Some of the short term effects of smoking tobacco include respiratory problems like coughing, bronchitis, cold, pneumonia etc. It can also lead to worsening of asthma and ear infections.
  • Regular or long term tobacco consumption can also lead to an increased risk in rheumatoid arthritis and also loss in the bone density. It increases the chances of spine and hip fractures in the case of postmenopausal women.
  • Tobacco consumption during pregnancy also has many negative effects not only for the mother but also for the unborn baby. It can lead to premature birth, respiratory illnesses, low birth weight and several other related issues. Infact, after the birth of the child, it can also cause sudden infant death syndrome if babies are exposed to second hand smoke.
  • Female teenager smokers who smoke regularly are at a risk of suffering from depression and other forms of psychological problems as well. They are also likely to engage in other types of dangerous activities like drug consumption and using alcohol.