Bacterial Vaginosis or Vaginal Bacteriosis is the most common reason for vaginal infections. There are many different bacterial vaginosis causes, though it is not clear why there is sometimes an overgrowth of normal bacteria in the vagina, leading to bacterial vaginosis.

This is a very common infection and it is thought that approximately 16% of women develop bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy in the United States.

There are a number of different varieties of bacteria that grow and flourish in the vaginal area, however sometimes there is an over growth or overabundance of these bacteria resulting in an imbalance of vaginal bacteria.smoking

This imbalance produces vaginal discharge with a foul odor much like fish, which is the chief symptom of this problem. Women may also experience a burning sensation when passing urine or itching outside the vagina.

Bacterial vaginosis causes are not clearly understood, reasons why this bacterial imbalance or overabundance of certain bacteria occurs, is not clear.

However, these are understood to be the chief causes for bacterial vaginosis or at any rate being responsible for increasing the risk of developing it:

  • Vaginal douching is considered to be one of the bacterial vaginosis causes because douching gets rid of a lot of the bacteria present in the vaginal area. While it does get rid of some of the harmful bacteria it also does the same for friendly or desirable bacteria, thereby causing an imbalance.
  • Having multiple partners is thought to increase risk although this is not considered to be one of the sexually transmitted diseases. However, on rare occasions, women who have not become sexually active have also been diagnosed as having or developing this problem. Having sex with female partners is also thought to increase a woman’s chance of having bacterial vaginosis. Having said this however it remains unclear as to how exactly sexual activity causes bacterial vaginosis.
  • Smoking is also thought to increase risk
  • Thongs are also thought to be one of the bacterial vaginosis causes since they rub against the vulva as well as the anus causing the bacteria travel
  • Sometimes improper wiping after a bowel movement or fecal bacteria entering the vaginal area could also be a cause
  • Mostly the chief Bacterial vaginosis causes are thought to be a biological and chemical imbalance of the flora that occurs normally in a healthy vagina
  • Bacterial Vaginosis causes do not include shared surfaces such as chairs, mattresses or sheets, swimming pools or by touch.


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