Low estrogen is not just a problem for older or menopausal women; younger women may also experience symptoms of low estrogen, though the causes as also the symptoms themselves may differ according to the family history, age, physical health, etc. of the woman.

The commonly noted symptoms of low estrogen are many of the same symptoms that manifest themselves during perimenopause and menopause:

1.Symptoms of Low Estrogen Hot flashes, where there is the feeling of sudden intense or feverish heat in the body, flushing, sweating are the commonly noted low estrogen symptoms.

Night sweats, where the woman may wake up uncomfortably hot even in a cool room, finding that her clothes are drenched in sweat and consequently night sleep disturbance is also a characteristic symptom.

2. Bone loss and heightened risk of osteoporosis is another one of the symptoms of low estrogen.

3. Women may find that they experience mood swings, tearfulness, anxiety, apathy and a general feeling of being low.

4. Memory lapses, foggy thought process, difficulty concentrating are also common when estrogen levels are low.

5. Vaginal dryness and pain during sexual intercourse may also be common low estrogen symptoms. Not just that there could be a lowered libido and interest in sex as a result.

6. Some women also find that they get certain infections (such as bladder or vaginal infections, vaginosis) more easily or frequently as a result of low estrogen.

7. Rapid pulse rate, heart palpitations may also be noted.

8. Headaches, joint pain and lower back pain also could be problems.

9. Feelings of tiredness or easily getting fatigued may also be caused by low estrogen levels.

10. In some instances women also experience incontinence due to estrogen deficiency.

11. There may be the feeling of general malaise and a feeling of being unwell. Panic attacks and even lowered self esteem are commonly seen among women whose hormones are not in optimal balance. Many women feel an overall decline of feelings of well being and happiness due to estrogen problems.

12. Dry eyes, dry skin and hair, coarser hair and skin are also some of the symptoms.

13. Meal related bloating and weight gain may also be commonly noted symptoms of low estrogen.

There are certain specific symptoms of low estrogen when it comes to girls and younger women:

a. For young girls, estrogen deficiency may mean that there is an absence of menstrual periods and or normal female development. The girl may not start to menstruate and the age that she should and other sings of puberty may also be absent or delayed.

An eating disorder, extreme exercise or other reasons could underlie this. very low body fat, being a competitive gymnast or athlete could cause such results.

b. For young adult women, the most common symptom of low estrogen could be an inability to get pregnant. Irregular menstruation or menstruation that is absent (amenorrhea) and hence unpredictable and irregular ovulation may prevent a woman from getting pregnant.

If such symptoms of low estrogen are noted, then appropriate tests should be conducted to determine if it is in fact low estrogen that is causing the problems.


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