Every woman has two ovaries which are located on the ends of uterus. The size of the uterus resembles that of a heart to some extent and it bears the shape of an almond. The main feature of the ovaries is to produce eggs and these remain inside the ovary until they are fertilized properly. During the process of ovulation, one of the eggs is released from the ovary which goes straight to the uterus after it has been fertilized properly.

symptoms of fibroid cysts on ovaries

This is basically the time when the sperm of a man can fertilize this egg. Ovaries happen to be the main sources for production of female hormones and furthermore highlight the balance of hormones in a woman. Mentioned underneath are some of the symptoms of fibroid cysts on ovaries which every woman must pay heed to.

Indications of Fibroid Cysts on Ovaries

  • Irregular cycles of menstruation: Firstly, irregular menstruation can be a very common symptom of fibroid cysts on ovaries and one must get it checked at the earliest in order to prevent the cyst from spreading out. These can be immensely painful for the woman and henceforth prevention is much better than cure.
  • Heaviness of the abdomen: At times, women might feel a certain form of pain in their abdomen and it will seem heavy for them. In such cases, there can always be the possibility of the formation of fibroid cysts.
  • Nauseating feeling: Nausea might be a normal feeling for a woman as their metabolic system is relatively weaker than that of men but even then, long periods of nausea might be symptoms of fibroid cysts.
  • Pain experienced during bowel movement: Women might experience a certain amount of pain in their bowels during bowel movement and this might be an indication for cysts.
  • Pain in the pelvic area: – There can be sudden shots of pain in the pelvic area for a prolonged period of time. In such cases, the woman needs to consult a gynaecologist at the earliest.  
  • Pain spreading towards lower back & legs: – At times, the pain of fibroid cysts starts from way above the abdominal area and then spreads to the lower back followed by legs.

Highlighted above are some of the symptoms of fibroid cysts on ovaries which every woman must pay heed to. It’s wise to learn about it to ensure better health.