If you are curious about the stages of colon cancer in women, you should know that it all starts with a gland cell that starts dividing and it doesn’t stop dividing when it should. The cancer cells start piling up on each other and they form a bump or a lump inside the colon. This is known as a polyp.

Stage 0 as one of the women’s colon cancer stages

All-About-the-Stages-of-Colon-Cancer-in-WomenHaving a polyp is an indication that you have colon cancer. If the polyp is removed, the cancer is cured. Although it isn’t common for the polyp to grow back in the same place, it could appear in another place. This is why the patients should be screened on a regular basis.

Stage 1

The main characteristic of this one of the colon cancer in women stages is that the polyp goes on growing. It gets big enough to push through the lining of the colon right into the middle layers. At this stage, the cancer can be cured through colonoscopy surgery.

Stage 2

Just as in case of the previous stages of colon cancer in women, during this stage the polyp goes on growing and it pushes against the outer layers of the colon. At this stage, the cancer is still completely curable if the polyp is removed. The patients might also have to take drugs and use chemotherapy.

Stage 3

The body has several lymph nodes and during this stage of women’s colon cancer the cancer breaks out of the colon and it can be absorbed by the lymph nodes. In the moment when the cancer reaches the lymph nodes, it becomes metastatic. This situation is a lot more serious than the previous ones.

The bad news about this one of the stages of colon cancer in women is that once the cancer gets out of the colon, it becomes a lot more difficult to treat. Even in this case the condition can be cured, but the doctors will have to remove a larger piece of the colon.

Stage 4 as one of the women’s stage of colon cancer

Most probably during this one of the stages of colon cancer in women, the cancerous cells have spread to the lungs and livers as well. This is the stage when the cancer is the most difficult to cure. The surgeons will have to remove a part of the liver and maybe also a part of the lung.