Endometriosis is a condition in which the cells of the lining of the uterus grow in other areas of the uterus which lie outside of it, such as the ovaries. If this happens, then a woman may find it difficult to get pregnant and may face fertility issues. Endometriosis causes severe pain in the pelvic area and this pain increases during menstruation. One of the ways to treat this condition is to surgically remove the uterus by the process called hysterectomy.

signs of endometriosis after hysterectomy


Hysterectomy is a process of removal of the uterus and may also involve the removal of cervix, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Removal of the uterus may make it impossible for the female to bear children in the future. Hysterectomy is performed in a lot of cases where the female might be suffering from endometriosis but contrary to popular belief, this surgical process does not stop endometriosis from re-occurring.

If a female has undergone hysterectomy to end endometriosis, then there are many chances that endometriosis may come back with its painful symptoms. The following are some signs of endometriosis after hysterectomy:

  • One of the major signs of endometriosis after hysterectomy is  recurring pelvic pain. The pain may range in intensity and may either be mild to serious stabbing pain.  The pain may be in the lower back area, down in the legs and on both sides of the pelvic region.
  • A woman who has undergone hysterectomy after endometriosis may start having painful sex episodes and this is another sign that endometriosis has reoccurred.
  • Another sign of endometriosis after hysterectomy is urgency to urinate and increased frequency of urination which may even be painful.
  • A change in bowel movements too, if observed after the surgical procedure may indicate the reoccurrence of endometriosis.
  • Another sign of endometriosis after the procedure of hysterectomy is a lot of bloating.


A lot of women fear reoccurrence of endometriosis after hysterectomy surgical process and due to this, they may confuse change in bowel movements, pelvic pain etc. to be the return of endometriosis.  But one must remember that these signs aren’t enough to prove that endometriosis has reoccurred.  There are a wide range of other conditions too which might cause the above mentioned signs and hence before worrying too much and blaming it on endometriosis, you must get yourself checked and seek proper consultation from an expert or from the doctor who performed the hysterectomy surgery.