The word cancer itself brings an aura of gloom and panic. Most of the times the person is just unaware of the disease until it has progressed to a late stage. But fortunately today one can avoid irreparable loss by keeping on vigil and having our eyes open for any danger signals.

signs and symptoms of endometriosis cancer

In women the major risk factor for cancer are that of the breasts and people have now grown quite aware of advantages of self-examination to prevent and treat it at the earliest. But still many ladies are unaware of the second most common cancer in women.

This cancer is that related to the reproductive organs mainly endometrial lining of the uterus i.e. endometrial cancer. Today let’s find out some warning signals pointing towards it.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Discharge from the vagina which is abnormal in character

Abnormal vaginal bleeding is the most common symptom of cancer. The victim of cancer will notice change in their periods or bleeding between periods or after menopause. There are many other causes for irregularities in bleeding but a doctor should be seen to exclude cancer.

Symptoms related to bleeding include

i. Bleeding between two menstrual cycles.

ii. Non-bloody vaginal discharge- the discharge may be thin white or watery mostly seen after the onset of menopause.

iii. Foul smelling vaginal discharge

iv. It is surely cancer if the bleeding is post-menopausal.

  • Pelvic pain or low abdominal pain

Pain in the pelvis is another symptom directing towards cancer diagnosis. The patient may feel cramping pain like menstrual colic.

  • Mass or tumor in pelvic region

If a mass or tumor is felt in the abdomen it may be a malignant node. Although other causes like uterine fibroids should be excluded, best is to remove the node and get biopsy done.

  • Weight loss

If the person is experiencing undiagnosed weight loss with irregularities of menstruation, the diagnosis point towards endometriosis cancer.

  • Age related

If the woman is above 40 or menopausal she comes in the high risk group for endometrial cancer.

  • History of breast cancer

Many times seeking a history of cancer especially of breast helps in diagnosing secondary cancer lesions in the uterus.

It is common that the above symptoms may be caused due to some less harmful ailment. Still it is suggested to consult a doctor to avoid irreparable damage. It’s always said that time waits for none. So be on your feet always to keep damage at bay.