When thinking about the side effects of hemorrhagic ovarian cyst, you should know that these are functional cysts and in about 95% of the cases they are benign.

The cysts appear during the regular menstrual cycles, usually during the childbearing years.

Information about the hemorrhagic ovarian cyst side effects

Side-Effects-of-Hemorrhagic-Ovarian-CystIt is good to know that these cysts are made of ovarian tissue that may grow up to 12 inches. Since the cysts are so big, the ovaries get twisted and so the patients could experience a lot of pain. While the symptoms are quite obvious, the pain that women feel is similar to the pain felt in case of an ectopic pregnancy or endometriosis.

As one of the negative effects of hemorrhagic ovarian cysts, the pain might be felt all the way through the pelvis and the abdomen. Some women also experience pain when having sex. Suffering from pain is also common right after the woman’s menstrual period.

These are some other common side effects of hemorrhagic ovarian cyst as well, such as nausea, vomiting, tenderness in the breasts and a heavy feeling in the abdomen. If you happen to experience sudden and sharp pain in the abdominal area, you should seek medical help immediately.

Ruptured ovarian cyst

This is one of the hemorrhagic ovarian cysts’ side effects. As a result patients can have internal bleeding that can turn out to be quite dangerous. If the cyst ruptures it can lead to bleeding and this is something that requires the immediate attention of a doctor.

Ovarian torsion

As it has been mentioned before regarding the side effects of hemorrhagic ovarian cyst, the ovaries can twist because of the cysts and if they get torn, the woman in question may have to struggle with infertility for the rest of her life. The problem can also lead to ovarian necrosis.


The adverse effect of the hemorrhagic ovarian cyst means that the mucus membrane gets inflamed. This can be found in the abdominal cavity. The infection usually leads to severe pain and sometimes it can turn out to be life threatening.

When thinking about the side effects of hemorrhagic ovarian cyst it is important to remember that in case you see any of the mentioned side effects or symptoms, you have to seek immediate medical help to make sure that your state won’t get worse or that your life won’t be threatened.