A female experiences a million emotions when she first loses her virginity. Besides the pleasure that she experiences, she also fears getting pregnant, is anxious about how she performed and wonders what happens next. The anxiousness and nervousness experienced before losing the virginity can be reduced a lot if a female is aware of certain points and issues.

It is better to be informed rather than regretting after the first sexual intercourse process is over. Every female virgin must be aware of certain things which can make the first experience more stress free, more enjoyable and a lot more exciting. The following are the 7 things every female virgin must be aware of.

things every female virgin must be aware of1. It Feels much Better without a Condom

Condoms are very important for many reasons but there is no denying of the fact that it feels much better without the condom and this is valid for both the male and the female.  Without them, it feels more free, more natural and the tension of a condom breakdown is definitely absent.  But having said that, always use a contraceptive unless you want to get pregnant.

2. Know your Private Parts

A lot of females haven’t really had the chance to explore and observe their private parts. May be it is time you get to know the location of the clitoris, the vagina and the butt hole.  This will help you prepare for the real action in a much better way.

3. Using Lubricants Helps

Another serious thing that you must know before losing your virginity is that using a lubricant makes way for a much better and less painful experience. If the right lubricant is used properly, your first experience can be more pleasurable as the entering tends to become smoother and slippery. It is better to go for a water based lubricant as it does not harm the latex condoms or other contraceptives.

4. Tampons will Fit Better After

Another important fact that every female virgin must be aware of before her first time is that tampons tend to fit you much better once you have had the experience. Before losing virginity, a lot of females may face difficulty in fitting up the tampons but after a few experiences at sexual intercourse, it will get much easier to use them.

5. It will Hurt but it Won’t be that Painful

Whoever tells you that it won’t hurt the first time is probably trying to pacify you. You must know that it will hurt but it won’t be all that painful.  It will be more like a lot of pressure in a sensitive area but soon the pleasure will take over is things are done slowly and carefully.

6. First Time Might not Feel that Great

The first time isn’t the best of sex for most women and you should not expect it to be a mind-blasting experience.

7. You May or May not Bleed

Not every women bleeds during her first time. While most do, some may not bleed as the hymen breaks.