There are a lot of women asking how to increase libido. Although this is a quite bothersome problem, first of all you have to know that it’s not your fault.

Most probably it has something to do with the lifestyle that you have or even the kind of contraception method that you are using.

Get a different contraceptive to increase your libido

How to Increase LibidoYou should tell your doctor about the problem that you are facing and ask him or her to prescribe a different kind of contraceptive. This could another brand, a patch or a pill that has less estrogen.

Stop using the pills for a while

When asking how to increase libido you suspect that it is your pills’ fault, you should stop using them for a while. Take a break of 3-6 months, and in this time you should notice some changes regarding your libido.

Since there will be no more artificial hormones in your blood, your ovaries will go on producing testosterone. Naturally in this case you will have to find another kind of birth control method, such as male condom.

Ditch the pills

In case you would like to increase your libido and you think that there could be nothing else that has an effect on it, then you should give taking the pills totally up. This is what the specialists suggest in such cases.

Nonetheless we have to note that there are some cases when women can’t do this because they need the pills to treat different kinds of medical conditions, such as ovarian cysts or endometriosis. There are different kinds of methods that you could use instead, such as IUD, condoms or diaphragms.

Mood killing

If you are considering how to increase libido, you should analyze the lifestyle that you have. There could be numerous factors that are killing your mood. These include stress and depression. There are some medications that are known to suppress libido, such as hypertension medication or antidepressants. Other medications could dry the vagina out, thus making penetration painful and making it difficult to increase your libido.

Sexual medicine specialist

In some cases it is enough to know what’s wrong in order to get you back on the right track. If a specialist can tell you the source of the problem you will be more confident between the sheets, and you won’t have to ask yourself anymore how to increase libido.

The truth

There is a lot to know about contraception. According to the studies that have been conducted it has been found that many of the contraceptive methods alter the sexual drive of women.

Sadly there is no official information regarding the percentage of women who have to deal with such problems, but it is said to be between 10% and 40%.

In case you would like to increase your libido you should know that this isn’t a subject that doctors are comfortable to talk about, since this isn’t a field that they are prepared for in medical school.

In some countries there are warnings written on the package of the birth control pills, in the U. S. there are no warnings of this kind.

How to increase libido?

Before asking how, you should know what increases the libido. One of the factors that have a role to play is testosterone. This drives women especially around ovulation.

At the middle of your menstrual cycle your brain sends a signal to your ovaries to produce more testosterone. Testosterone will increase your libido and in the same time it will make some physical changes as well that you could observe (and your partner too).

So what’s the problem?

This is the next question you could ask when considering how to increase libido. The truth is that the contraceptives mess with the testosterone production, and not in a good way. This happens because the hormones found in the pills put your ovaries to sleep and so they aren’t able to produce testosterone.

This means that you will have 50% less testosterone, and even more, because the liver thinks that you had too much estrogen, it produces another hormone that is binding the sex hormone. The remaining testosterone that isn’t neutralized by this hormone will determine your libido.

At this point you might see how to increase libido, and you may also see contraceptive pills as the enemy in this case. Nonetheless you should know that there are some pills that don’t have this effect on you. You just have to find the most suitable one.