There are different types of sexuality just as there are different types of sexual behavior. The term ‘human sexual behavior’ is so popular and extensive that it is tough to think of a time when this was unknown. There have always been 2 sexes in the human race and they have been mutually attracted always. People have always been involved in intimate sexual intercourse to produce new life.

It can be safely assumed that people understood what they were headed towards and this is why any discussion pertaining to human sexual behavior involves a topic which is as universal and time honored as mankind itself.

Types of Sexuality

Linguists will tell you that words which are apparently simple have no accurate equivalents in certain languages and with the passage of time they can even alter their meaning.

Exploring the different types of sexuality

Human sexuality is a complex issue as people are usually acquainted with the 4 principal types. Each types of sexuality are different from each other.

Heterosexuality: It is the sexually motivated attraction which exists between members of opposite sexes like a man being sexually attracted to a woman and vice versa.

Homosexuality: This is sexual attraction between people of the same sex like a man being sexually attracted to a man and a woman being sexually attracted to a woman.

Bisexuality: People in this category are attracted to men as well as woman.

Asexuality: This category is also called non-sexuality or the absence of any kind of sexual interest and sexual attraction towards members of the identical or opposite sex.

Polysexuality: People in these types of sexuality are attracted to more than a single gender, although they do not want to be labeled as bisexual because it refers to the existence of just a couple of binary sexes. This type of sexuality should not be confused with pansexuality because ‘pan’ refers to ‘all’ and ‘poly’ to ‘many’.

Pansexuality: This type refers to the sexual desirability to people irrespective of their gender and is also hailed as omnisexuality. Certain pansexuals fashion themselves as being gender blind because for them, gender does not play any significant role in determining the laws of sexual attraction.

Transexualism: In these types of sexuality, the person identifies with a certain physical sex which is different from their own biological sex. The person can be suitably diagnosed in case they experience discomfort and desperately want to belong to another sex. For instance, the person is born as a male, but is not okay with their type of gender and may want to change to a female. Similarly, a female member can become a male. The process is long as well as expensive.