Those women who are afraid of intimacy and who do everything they can do avoid any kind of sexual contact may be interested in sexual anorexia symptoms in women. The good news is that if these women understand sexual anorexia, they will be able to overcome it.

Sexual Anorexia Symptoms in Women

Women’s Symptoms of Sexual Anorexia

The most important symptom is having a constant fear of intimacy, sexual pleasure, sexual contact, sexually transmitted health issues and anything else connected to sexuality. These women are preoccupied to the point of being obsessed with sexual matters, such as sexual behaviors, sexual intentions and so on.


In case you are interested in the signs of sexual anorexia in women you should also look out for negative, judgmental or rigid attitudes about body appearance, sex, and sexual activity. Self-loathing and shame about sex and sexual activities is also common.

The sad truth is that women may adopt self-destructive behavior to limit, avoid or stop sex. The signs of the problem can lead to emotional problems. Such women are afraid of losing control and being vulnerable when being in a relationship.

Effects of the Women’s Sexual Anorexia Signs

It is possible for these women to experience the symptoms of depression and it is possible for them not to feel loved. Their behavior will keep them isolated and disconnected from others. Since it is a social convention for women to start families, they can become frustrated because they can’t fulfill their role as a mother.

Residual Effects

When it comes to the sexual anorexia symptoms in women, women often have low self-esteem and usually they also have a lack of confidence even though they may seem to have confidence in other areas of their life. In fact, when they don’t have to face their sexuality, they may seem quite powerful.

Managing the Warning Signs of Women’s Sexual Anorexia

In order to make the symptoms better, the first thing that women have to do is to acknowledge that they have a problem. The problems that they experience are caused by the vision that they have of intimacy. These women need to understand that they can talk to their partners just about anything.

In case you notice the sexual anorexia symptoms in women, you should make sure to talk to somebody. If you notice the signs in case of someone else, you should bring to their attention the problem they might have.