Testosterone is a female sex hormone and it is called as personality hormone. It gives motivation, a sense of power, assertiveness, a feeling of well being and enhanced sex drive and much more. When a women has an adequate level of testosterone, then it makes their life enjoyable and colorful. The testosterone production is substantially lower in women when compared to men.

After adolescence, a woman produces an adult level of testosterone and the production of testosterone is split between the adrenal glands and ovaries. It is widely known as a male hormone but is also very much important for women because it plays a crucial role both in the physical and emotional health of women. Usually women don’t realize it unless they face any challenge like a testosterone deficiency or any other disease. Thus below given useful article will throw light on six ways how testosterone can impact the life of women:

role of testosterone in women

Weight Lifting Increases the Level of Testosterone in Women

Woman burns more fat by increasing exercise and induces growth hormone. Growth hormone is important for building muscles. Interval cardio and Intense circuit weight lifting training increase the growth hormone levels in the body.

Testosterone Conveys Anti Aging Effects

Testosterone turns the fat into muscle and it also keeps the skin smooth, increases bone density, brings positive mood in women. The hormone is also known to improve the stress handling ability. Testosterone helps in cognitive functioning and it also works towards clean liver as well as blood vessels. For women it helps in improving figure, look, enjoyment of living, sexual satisfaction and sex appeal. In simple words – it keeps us healthy from all angles.

Low Level of Testosterone Results in Diseases

It has been related with Alzheimer’s disease, depression, heart attack, osteoporosis. If you feel cold or face problem of thyroid, then there are chances that your testosterone levels are low.

Side Effects of Testosterone Replacement

When Testosterone is given in appropriate dosage, then there is no side effects. It is easier to monitor the dosage with the help of blood level.  Excessive dosage of Testosterone results in acne, body hair growth and scalp hair loss in women.

  • Testosterone in women enhances the sexual drive, relief of menopausal symptoms, restoration of energy, strengthens bones, prevents osteoporosis and improves the overall sense of well being. Testosterone improves the skin, bones, muscles, tendons and joints of women.
  • Many women are unable to enjoy sex. A small amount of testosterone gel replacement makes an incredible difference in these women. The correct dosage of testosterone replacement is determined by age, body weight and blood levels.

Hormones Play a Key Role in Overall Health in Women

Usually chemical substances are naturally produced in our body. When a woman loses her natural supply, then testosterone replacement benefits her. In addition to sexual enhancement, a sense of well being and greater bone density. During menopause, many women face a lowered libido.

Testosterone plays a very important role in woman’s health, fitness and overall well being  . Testosterone therapy is beneficial for women who has significant symptoms in the form of libido, fatigue, strength and related issues.