Breast reduction surgery is something that many women in the USA opt for. This is when the breasts are reduced in size and help for a number of reasons. The cup size is reduced to help with alleviating back pain from breasts that are too big. However, there are some negative aspects to the surgery, which is something that you will need to consider beforehand.

The benefits of breast reduction surgery

The main benefit of having the surgery is that you will be able to decrease the weight of the breasts. Women can develop large breasts naturally but it is often too much for some frames. The weight from the breasts often leads to pain in the back and may lead to many women having to walk with a hump.

Breast ReductionSports and daily life are difficult for women with large breasts. It can be difficult to find bras to fit, especially sports bras. This often leads to having to wear something uncomfortable or unflattering, or it leads to spending hundreds for just one set. It also leads to missing out on sports and exercise because it is difficult to find something comfortable to support the breasts.

Large breasts can become irritating – as in the skin can be irritating. The skin pulls and stretches and often leads to lesions forming on the top. These can become infected or can just become irritable as they start to heal. Dermatitis is another common problem with women with large breasts and a breast reduction will help to limit that problem.

Contrary to popular belief, women with large breasts usually suffer from low self-esteem. Men are constantly leering at them and it leads to women feeling self conscious. They are more likely to cover up their curves instead of showing them off. Linked in with some of the pain and the scarring that can happen from the heavy breasts, it can lead to mental problems including depression.

The Downsides of surgery

However, there are disadvantages to opting for surgery. The first is that it can lead to infections. Any type of surgery carries the risk of infections occurring and the breasts not healing correctly. This is something that all women will need to consider before opting to spend the money for the procedure. It is important to speak to a professional and find a plastic surgeon who has a positive track record and can be trusted.

Another common problem with breast reduction surgery is that it can lead to problems with breastfeeding. There are times that the glands and ducts are damaged, which means that the milk will not be able to get to the areolas or the nipples. This means that the baby cannot get the milk that it needs.

This is not something for girls who are still developing. It is worth waiting for the breasts to grow full. However, even then, there are hormonal changes throughout the life and the procedure can lead to problems with this. There will be scar tissue left behind after the breast reduction and it can often cause problems with the development of the breasts at later stages in life.