According to expert advice published on the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics website, the period of post natal recovery has very significant impact on women’s health in the longer term.

post natal recoveryAccording to Women’s health advisor and acupuncturist Emma Cannon, this all important phase of a woman’s life that follows child birth has ramifications not only for the future health of the mother but also for any more children that she may have subsequently.

The general factors that impact the recovery time required for a woman, post childbirth are her age as well as her general health and well-being.

For younger women the recovery time after having one child may be less, and she may be able to have another child fairly early after the previous or first one. However for older women who have “less biological time left” the time needed for a full recovery may be more.

So while for a healthy woman, a gap of 18 months following a straightforward childbirth (without complications and so on) may be said to be reasonable, it is not possible to generalize.

This study underlines the need for women to look after their health post childbirth, in order to avoid long term health problems.