Before you find out about the poly cystic ovaries side effects, you should know what the condition is really all about.

In the majority of the cases the women with this condition have larger ovaries than regular. In the same time there are some cysts on the surface of the ovaries.

Information about the side effects of poly cystic ovaries

The cysts are usually follicles. These are small swellings that produce the eggs. If these follicles stop growing too soon and they don’t create and egg, they could get filled with fluids  and they become cysts. The women who have poly cystic ovaries usually have over 12 cysts.

poly-cystic-ovaries-side-effectsWe also have to add in case of symptoms of poly cystic ovaries that women with this problem usually don’t ovulate normally and so they are less fertile.

Some other side effects also include weight gain and excess body hair. The condition affects about 10%-15% of women over the age of 50.

Poly cystic ovaries side effects

The women who are affected by the problem often notice the warning signs when they are in their late teens or 20s. Naturally not all the patients will see all the symptoms. In some cases women could be affected by irregular periods while other women could have regular periods but have excess body hair.

In the same time the poly cystic ovaries symptoms could vary from mild to severe and there could be several different symptoms.

These include missing or rare periods, acne that usually affects the face and too much body hair, especially on the face, lower legs, forearm, lower abdomen and nipples.

Infertility is the side effect of poly cystic ovaries. Since the periods are rare or missing, it means that women don’t ovulate and so their chances of conception are small. Another symptom is miscarriage. The women affected usually have high levels of luteinizing hormone.

This hormone is produced by the brain as one of the signs of poly cystic ovaries and it has an effect on the functions of the ovary. The women with high hormone levels have higher chances of having their pregnancy ended by a miscarriage. Another one of the symptoms is being overweight or obese.

This is one of the common poly cystic ovaries side effects because the cells become resistant to insulin that is meant to control the sugar levels. All this means that the sugar that reaches the body can’t be used normally and so it becomes fat instead of energy. Another possible symptom is having thinning hair.

How is the problem diagnosed?

If you see some of the poly cystic ovaries signs you should know that in the majority of the cases it is diagnosed by the GP and he or she will also run some blood tests to know whether you are affected or not.

Now you know more about the poly cystic ovaries side effects and you know what to keep an eye out for to feel safe in your own body.