Pelvic cancer refers to the cancer of the reproductive organs found in the pelvic region. The truth is that pelvic cancer is rare on its own, in the majority of the cases the pelvic pain is caused by some kind of bone cancer.

The pelvic cancer starts in the bone, and the tumor grows, decreasing the function of the bone, until it is lost.

After a while the pain caused by the cancer of the pelvic area gets constant and soon you won’t be able to move the bones. In extreme cases of pelvic cancer the bone could even break under the pressure of the growing tumor.

General pain a symptoms of the cancer of the pelvic area

Pelvic CancerIn the majority of the cases people experience pain under the naval because of the growth of the tumor and the pressure that it puts on the surrounding areas.

There are some other symptoms as well that you are likely to experience, such as bowel and bladder incontinence, enlarged lymph nodes, weight loss, fatigue, movement problems, fever, bone lumps, stiff bones, masses, anemia, abdominal pain, and vomiting and nausea.

Pain in the bone

As it has been mentioned before, this is a likely symptom as well of pelvic cancer. This is because the tumor is growing and it puts pressure on the bone.

At the beginning you will experience the pain only during the night when you move, or when you are working the surrounding muscles. As the tumor of the cancer of the pelvic area grows the pain becomes constant and in some cases the bones could crack under the pressure.

We have to note that the pain is quite complex; there is the pain of the surrounding organs, the pain of the muscles caused by the growing tumor and the pain of the nerves round the bone and muscles and let’s not forget about the bone pain where the tumor is forming.


This is known as the second most common pelvic cancer, and it occurs in the cartilage. It is likely to appear in case of people older than 50 years.

We have to note that usually it’s not known as a pelvic cancer, but it may still affect the pelvic area, pressuring the pelvis and possibly even breaking it.

Ewing’s sarcoma

This is a kind of cancer of the pelvic area that usually affects children and young adults.   In the middle of the bones there is some immature nerve tissue, and this is attacked by the cancer. Just as in the previous case, although it isn’t a typical pelvic cancer, it might still affect the pelvis.


There are different kinds of treatment options when it comes to the cancer of the pelvic area, such as radiation treatment and the surgical removal of the tumors. Nonetheless at the moment recurrent cancer is usually fatal.

This is what you need to know about pelvic cancer and what to expect in case you have been diagnosed with the condition.