The bladder, incontinence, wiping technique and pelvic health are not commonly discussed topics, nor are they of the sort that women are comfortable including in everyday conversation. Not so for the self described “pelvic floor evangelist” Missy Lavender who offers tips on better female health through some plain talking.

pelvic healthMissy Lavender is the co-founder of the Chicago-based Women’s Health Foundation, and it is her view that the area between the belly button and the top of the thighs “has been shoved aside for too long” and that it is necessary to break this silence shrouding pelvic health.

Her DVD entitled Total Control is used by hospitals all over the country and consists of 45 minutes of exercise and 15 minutes of educational nuggets telling women what they can do right now to change their life.

Her programs called Sex, Chocolate and Your Pelvic Floor, seeks to draw women together to educate them about pelvic health. Better pelvic health can not only solve problems of leaking urine or incontinence, it can help women enjoy a better sex life.

She tries to make the obscure topic of pelvic health fun, approachable and relevant, so that women inadvertently learn more about their own bodies. She uses humor so that the subject that she talks about doesn’t seem medical and scary.