Trying to get pregnant with PCOS? PCOS, or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, affects one in ten women today.

This condition can cause cyst to develop in clusters or groups on the ovaries. If you suffer from this condition it can be very difficult to become pregnant.

The condition will cause a hormonal imbalance to occur within the body that can prevent pregnancy.

Women who have this condition will produce high levels of testosterone.

All women have testosterone, but women with this condition will have severely high levels.pcos and pregnancy

When these levels become too high the body’s menstruation cycle can become very disturbed. The body may release the eggs too soon before pregnancy can occur or the womb may not be properly prepared to accept a fertilized egg.

This can result in a shorter window of opportunity for pregnancy, or lead to miscarriages as the body cannot support the pregnancy. However, there are PCOS treatment options that can help you to get pregnant.

Weight Loss Is Important

The majority of women who are diagnosed with PCOS are overweight. Being overweight can cause several other medical conditions that can make PCOS and pregnancy a difficult task.

Many women who are overweight, experience abnormalities in their menstrual cycle. When these irregularities are added to those caused by PCOS, pregnancy can be even more difficult.

Your doctor may be able to help you lose weight by setting up a special diet and exercise plan. There are also several medications that can aid in weight loss.

Hormonal Therapy May Help

There are many types of hormonal drugs on the market today. If you want to get pregnant with PCOS, Clomid is one drug that has proven effective for some women. Clomid forces the body to produce eggs, or become fertile. This can extend the period available to become pregnant.

When Clomid is taken along with weight loss, your body will have a greater chance of becoming pregnant, and being able to retain the pregnancy. While Clomid is effective for a large number of women, some will have to try more invasive treatments to become pregnant with PCOS.

Ovarian Drilling May Be Necessary

Ovarian drilling is a process that is used by many physicians to induce ovulation. During this procedure a needle is inserted into the ovary. This needle delivers an electrical charge to the ovarian tissue and destroys a portion of the tissue.

If completed correctly the body responds by beginning ovulation. This can allow you more time each month to try and become pregnant.

Invitro Fertilization May provide Possibilities

For women who do not respond to hormones or other invasive PCOS treatments, Invitro Fertilization may provide possibilities for getting pregnant with PCOS. During Invitro Fertilization the women’s egg is removed, and fertilized with the man’s sperm.

Once the fertilization has occurred, the eggs are then placed into the womb to begin pregnancy. Some doctors will insert several fertilized eggs, to provide a better chance for pregnancy.

However, this procedure can result in multiple births, so you may want to be careful of the number of embryos implanted.


  1. Hi – Does anyone know how common PCOS is among skinny women? I don’t think I’m underweight but I’m at the low end of what’s normal. I get cysts frequently and am trying to determine if I have PCOS and if my cysts will interfere w/ trying to get pregnant.

  2. Hi – I have PCOS problem and have tried concieving for more that two years but fail each time. Either i miss a period which means the PCOS is back in action or i get my periods when on proper medication. I have tried Clomid but have not succeded yet. Does anyone know how much does an IVF cost?

  3. hi,i had coitus with my girl on 22 day of her periods n now its 40th day but still her period has not come n she is having problem of menstrual abnormality so i m afraid is she pregnant or what n i used preaution while coitus so guide me

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