The sad truth is that there is no polycystic ovaries treatment, but there are several kinds of treatments that make it possible for you to manage the symptoms that the condition causes. You have the possibility to choose from them, or you could try several treatments and see which ones are working for you.

Lifestyle changes as treatments of polycystic ovaries

In case of the overweight patients the symptoms and the risks of having health problems on the long term can be reduced if they lose some of the excess weight. Another advantage of this method is that in case you lose weight, your body will need to produce less insulin. This way the testosterone levels also get reduced, and the patients will have a greater chance to ovulate.

Polycystic Ovaries TreatmentIn case of the treatments of polycystic ovaries the fertility and menstrual problems will get better and the patients will also have less excess hair and will have less problems with acne.

In order to do this, you should make sure that you have a healthy diet and some exercise.

Hormone polycystic ovaries treatment

In order to block the masculine effects of the hormones, women could be using anti-male hormones. These have an effect on hormones like testosterone that cause some of the symptoms of the syndrome.

The drugs that the patients could be using include cyproterone acetate, flutamide, spironolactone, and finasteride.

The advantage of this one of the treatments of polycystic ovaries is that the drugs also help regulate the missing or irregular periods. In some cases it is useful to take contraceptive pills to get regular periods.

This way the patients’ risks also get reduced to be affected by the cancer of the womb lining.

In case a patient doesn’t respond to the polycystic ovaries treatment with clomifene, the doctors may also use gonadotrophins. The downside of this treatment is that the drug might stimulate the ovaries too much, and so women could face several pregnancies.


In case a patient is looking for treatments of polycystic ovaries because she is trying to conceive but she doesn’t succeed, it is possible that her ovaries can be stimulated with the drug known as clomifene. The drug acts through correcting the hormonal imbalances and so it is more likely that the patient will ovulate, thus increasing the chances of pregnancy.

Diabetes drugs as treatments of polycystic ovaries

There is a drug for polycystic ovaries treatment that is also used in case of diabetes known as metformin. In some cases this induces ovulation in women. The good side is that it may reduce the health risks associated with insulin resistance and it could also correct the hormonal imbalances. You could take it along with clomifene. Nonetheless remember that this isn’t a drug used for weight loss.

As you can see, there are a lot of options to make your situation better with the help of polycystic ovaries treatment. They could make a drastic change in your quality of life.