With the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) being among the most common endocrine disorders in women and a leading cause of infertility, many women seek PCOS natural treatment to try and overcome the disorder.

There are many other symptoms of PCOS that women may find troubling: excessive growth of body and facial hair, acne breakouts, irregular menstruation, weight gain and insulin resistance, which also compels them to seek natural remedies for PCOS. PCOS natural treatment can include the following:

PCOS Natural TreatmentDiet Ateration and Weight Loss

There is seen to be a strong correlation between being obese or overweight and PCOS. and Research has shown that the most effective means for controlling and managing PCOS is making dietary changes and losing weight.

Additionally improving insulin sensitivity and reducing insulin levels is seen to be effective PCOS natural treatment research has found.

So sustained regular exercise and effective low carb diets for long term weight control is seen to be effective in restoring fertility at least to an extent, and also in lowering some of the other troublesome symptoms of PCOS.

In particular a low glycemic index diet where women get most of their carbs from fruits, vegetables and whole grains is recommended by some experts.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal medications such as chaste tree are supposed to control the secretion of the luteinizing hormone and naturally increasing progesterone levels to regularize menstrual cycles. Other herbal remedies such as peony, licorice, and other are also supposed to help in regularizing hormone levels.

Blue cohosh is thought to be an ovarian tonic and natural anti-inflammatory agent. Saw palmetto is another herbal remedy that is thought to regularize reproductive irregularities.

There are several other herbs that are considered PCOS natural treatment that can help by improving LH to FSH ratio, controlling the level of testosterone and androgens in the body, and by reducing certain cravings for sugar, carbs, improving insulin resistance and so on.

Many of these as well as other herbal medications promise “permanent cure” for PCOS, yet there is no evidence to suggest that this condition can be got rid of by using these products. Women may find that their symptoms are ameliorated to a lesser or larger extent by use of the herbs, but to say that they can “cure” PCOS would be inaccurate.

Alternative remedies for PCOS

Reflexology is one of the PCOS natural treatment protocols that are recommended by some. This uses a specific kneading pressure on certain pressure points in the legs and hands because these are thought to be connected with other parts of the body, and are supposed to affect their working. It is supposed to work by strengthening the body’s immune system.

 Homeopathy is another alternative treatment that is thought to help with PCOS, which works by using extremely dilute medications to produce an immune response in the body.

Acupuncture, where fine needles are inserted at various specific points in the body is thought to help women who are infertile or sub fertile, by freeing by the body’s energy systems or Qi.

The PCOS natural treatment discussed above may work for some women and may have no impact on others. Out of all the above natural remedies for PCOS, weight loss and dietary changes seem to have the most reliable outcomes.