Losing weight with PCOS is not difficult and it should be a goal for overweight women who are often suggested by their physicians that they should lose weight. Often, in polycystic ovary syndrome, weight loss becomes an issue that is often tough to attain. There cannot be a sure shot way of finding a definitive answer and it is best to go for a strict reduction of calories coupled with aerobic exercises which are an important aspect of a supervised program. The ultimate option for women suffering from PCOS is abdominal liposuction.

Is losing weight with pcos a myth?

A lot of women who are faced with PCOS have weight related problems. It is true that on an average 55% of women suffering from PCOS are thought of as obese which makes weight loss a crucial issue for them. However, as a result of PCOS, the regular exercise regimes of weight loss might not prove effective. While losing weight is important for women suffering from PCOS, not achieving it may lead to several complications like the following:

  • Losing Weight With PCOSImbalance in hormones
  • Irregular periods
  • Diabetes
  • High levels of cholesterol
  • Heart ailments

If  losing weight with PCOS is a priority, you should try and exercise and follow a diet that will eliminate chances of developing a heart attack or diabetes. This is because the levels of insulin resistance will be consequently reduced.

Your triglyceride and LDL levels will increase with insulin resistance and the good cholesterol or HDL will be reduced. As women suffering from PCOS already have a tough time producing insulin, there are chances of developing diabetes.

Moreover, with insulin resistance you can grow obese and find it tough to lose weight. This can be a highly frustrating experience for women. Weight loss is immensely helpful for which you should take up exercise and diet with the following results:

  • More of ovulation
  • Regular periods
  • Less hairy appearance
  • Stabilized levels of hormones
  • Less chances of heart problems

It is important for the weight loss to contribute towards reducing your levels of insulin. High levels of insulin often contribute towards starting the various PCOS symptoms and this is why losing weight with PCOS is important. It will subsequently improve hirsutism and acne and reduce chances of diabetes and heart diseases. Since weight loss has a considerable effect on PCOS, you should always stick to a healthy diet plan and regular exercise. Metformin is a drug that is commonly recommended for PCOS.

While considerable weight loss might not be possible immediately, it is important to follow a regular plan to lose a considerable amount of weight. Reducing 5% to 10% of your total body weight should be enough to ease PCOS symptoms.

Follow a diet that has a reduced glycemic index. This will maintain even levels of blood sugar and prevent elevated levels of insulin. Losing weight with PCOS is possible by combining diet with a healthy exercise regime as it burns calories, increases HDL cholesterol and reduces blood pressure.