PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome is a problem in which a woman’s hormones go out of balance and may cause problems in getting pregnant and in periods. This is a problem that can lead to weight gain among women. This medical issue may also lead to a number of other health problems but most of them can be avoided and controlled if one controls their weight.  This is why PCOS and dieting often go hand in hand.

A proper and controlled diet can help to reduce the many symptoms of this syndrome but only if the dieting is done correctly. There are many dos and don’ts of PCOS which one must follow to avoid facing major complications. The following is a list of the various dos and don’ts of dieting with PCOS:

dos and don’ts of dieting with PCOS

Dos of PCOS Diet

  • The first do to follow when going on a diet with PCOS is to learn what all foods will work the best for you. PCOS can make one resistant to insulin and hence excess sugars must be avoided and it is best to go for a low glycemic diet. Soy products must also be avoided because they may lead to rising of health issues.
  • Another thing to keep in mind when dieting with PCOS is to engage in regular exercising. A healthy diet is incomplete without exercising regularly. One must exercise for atleast 20 minutes every day as this helps to boost metabolism and avoids health issues like weight gain, cardiovascular problems and diabetes.
  • It is important to visit doctors or nutritionists on a regular basis as this helps to keep you in the right direction on your path to a healthy diet. Nutritionists can really help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Don’ts of PCOS Diet

  • One of the first strict no-no with PCOS dieting is that you must refrain from following any fad diets. In women with PCOS, the metabolism can go real slow and fad or crash dieting can cause it to slow down even more. It is better to follow a healthy diet program and stick to it for a long term.
  • Many women with PCOS tend to avoid food altogether and in doing this; they tend to miss out on important nutrients. But this is another ‘don’t’ of dieting with PCOS. One must not avoid food to lose weight but should instead figure out foods which are good for them and do not lead to weight gain. Infact, eating even high calorie foods every once in a while is considered fine.
  • Don’t be embarrassed by how your body may become once you are diagnosed with PCOS. This syndrome is a completely natural thing and becoming self-conscious is not the way to go. Feeling depressed can further add to your weight and health woes and thus it must be avoided.
  • Women who are dieting with PCOS must not skip their medications and should speak to the doctor about medications that go well with certain diet routines. Skipping medications may nullify the effects of dieting.